March 20, 2012

Stumpwork Round Robin, 2010

Stumpwork is a form of raised, 3-dimensional embroidery.  It encompasses many fine techniques and just as many that cannot be readily categorized. Generally, it is more difficult and time-consuming. But the ladies who participated in this round robin are all accomplished stitchers and were certainly up to the challenge.  You will notice a few more pictures, including detail shots, in this post so that we can share with you the amazing work of the stitchers: Gerry Krueger, USA; Arlene White, Australia; Diane Matheson, Canada; Karrin Hurd, USA; and Cobi Wittecoek, The Netherlands.

Arlene’s Naked Block

Karrin added beaded lace, stitching and a stumpwork ladybug

These pansies were also done by Karrin

Next up was Diane, who stitched these calla lilies

Diane’s dragonfly

This is Arlene’s block after Karrin and Diane

Cobi added the heart and lace

Next she added the flower, lace trimming and butterfly

Flower basket by Cobi

Arlene’s block after Cobi

Gerry added the lovely lorikeet (upper left) to complete the block.

Cobi’s Naked Block

Gerry K stitched a bird in a nest, then embellished around it

Gerry also added a button she painted. This is the block after Gerry.

Arlene added a beehive and several bees

And here is a closeup of the beetle that Arlene stitched

The full block after Arlene

Karrin added a squirrel on a branch!

And here is Cobi’s block after Karrin

Diane added a cute bunny hiding in the hydrangeas

And here is Arlene’s finished block.

Diane’s Naked Block

Seam treatment by Cobi. Note the beaded berries.

Cobi’s corner treatment for Diane included a stumpwork Pansy

Cobi also stitched this heart with stumpwork flowers

Gerry added another meandering vine with hummingbirds and a painted, beaded button. This is how Diane’s block looked at this point.

This is a close-up of Gerry’s work for you.

Not to be outdone, Arlene stitched these delightful hydrangeas

Hydrangea detail shot

Diane’s block after Arlene

Karrin added a dragonfly and a sweet berry vine, keeping the swirling vine motif going.

And these lovely flowers were stitched with rayon threads; Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Not a good picture, but enough to give you an idea of how lovely this block turned out.

Gerry’s Naked Block

Arlene stitched this beetle for Gerry

Arlene alsocreated a swirling vine of hydrangeas with visiting critters and additional blooms and stitching.

The block after Arlene

Karrin created this lovely lemon tree (very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat).   LOL.  just checking to see if you are paying attention

Diane stitched beaded berries and stumpwork flowers, as well as a stumpwork hand with a ring

This is the entire block after Diane.  (Cobi finished her work and returned the completed block in 2012, but we do not have a picture).


Karrin’s Naked Block

Stumpwork daisies by Diane

Diane also created these lovely delphiniums and sunflower

Here is a cherry tree by Diane

Lovely stumpwork pansies by Diane

Diane also stitched a very full wheelbarrow

Diane was as busy as a bee doing all that stitching, so she added a bee just for fun!

Karrin’s block after Diane finished her fun stitching!

An in-progress photo of Cobi’s stumpwork fern leaves

And here is the completed motif
Cobi also added pink hydrangeas and more flowers in the garden

Karrin’s block after Diane and Cobi

Gerry was up next and couldn’t resist adding Miss Bloomers working out in the garden.  She also added flowers and a vine-encrusted birdhouse. How clever!

Karrin’s block after Gerry

Arlene added a wisteria arbor

And a cute happy bird for the garden

Miss Bloomers does not even know the bird is there!  ;-)

Karrin’s completed block. 

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Arlene White said...

This was a lot of fun and a learning curve, as we received each block. So glad we're gonna do another one.