July 19, 2010

Landscape II Round Robin

This Round Robin was started in 2009 and finished in early 2010.  The talented ladies who participated in this round robin explored many techniques and used lots of creativity as they stitched these beauties!  The participants were Lyn G from the United States;  Cobi W from The Netherlands;  Karrin H from the United States;  Simona T. from Italy; and Debbie H. from the United States.


Simona’s Naked Block

Debbie H. was the first stitcher and added this sun

Debbie’s lovely seamwork

Simona’s block after Debbie

Karrin added this tree

Simona’s block after Debbie and Karrin

Lyn added flowers

Here’s the block after Lyn’s work

Leslie E. did some angel (substitute) work for Cobi. 
Here is Simona’s finished block.


Debbie’s Naked Block

Karrin’s tree

Debbie’s block after Karrin’s work

Lyn added cacti 

Debbie’s block after Karrin and Lyn

Cobi did some seam stitching for texture

This lovely aloe plant was also stitched by Cobi
Sorry, we did not have a picture of this finished block.


Karrin’s beginning tea cozy front

Beginning tea cozy back

Lyn added a tree on the back

Lyn also added trees on the front side

Cobi stitched hollyhocks

The arbor flowers were also added by Cobi

Cobi then added a rose vine around a tree

Cobi’s additions

Simona’s flowers 

Simona also stitched a girl sitting on a bench

This is the front after Simona’s additions

Debbie added flowers to the back

Karrin’s finished tea cozy back


Lyn’s Naked Block

Cobi added some whimsical stitching

More work by Cobi

Block after Cobi

Next up was Simona, who added this lovely garden and wall

Close-up of Simona’s Mr. Tree

Debbie H. added interest along the river

This wonderful bridge is also by Debbie

Karrin stitched this gnarled tree!

Mushroom by Karrin

Lyn’s completed block.  


Cobi’s Naked Block

Work by Simona

More lovely work by Simona

Debbie added the tree.

The beautiful cottage stitching was also done by Debbie.

Karrin added more floral embellishment

Lyn added her stitching, and this is the finished block.

July 11, 2010

Fabulous First-Timers #9

The Fabulous First-Timers RR took place in 2009.  Wow, you're going to love the eye candy of the participants:  Darlene D,  Nicki Lee S, Ellen P, Thearica B, and Carolyn P.   This was an incredible round robin!


Darlene's Naked Block

Carolyn was the first stitcher

A lovely motif painted by Carolyn

Darlene's block after Carolyn

Ellen's work

Thearica's work

More work by Thearica

Darlene's block after Thearica

Nicki Lee's work

More of Nicki's work

This is Darlene's completed block.


Ellen’s Block with work by Thearica.
(No picture of “naked” block)

More of Thearica’s work

This lovely work is by Nicki Lee

More work by Nicki Lee

Darlene’s work on Ellen’s block

Entire block after Thearica, Nicki Lee and Darlene

Carolyn added a pond and painted motif

Close-up of Carolyn’s work

Beautiful completed block.  Lucky Ellen!

This was a “bonus block” that the ladies did for Darlene.


Carolyn’s Naked Block

Work by Ellen

More of Ellen’s lovely work

Wheelbarrow of Flowers by Thearica

Fence by Thearica

More of Thearica’s work

Carolyn’s block after Ellen and Thearica

Floral motif by Nicki Lee

Swan and pond by Nicki Lee

Darlene added a strawberry

More of Darlene’s work, including a cute pooch!

Carolyn’s completed block

NICKI LEE’S BLOCKS (for a Purse)

This is only one of two “naked” purse pieces.

Darlene was the first to stitch.
She added the lace, web & spider.

Darlene also added accent stitching and lace.

Carolyn added this cameo and ribbon.

Purse front after Darlene and Carolyn.

Purse back with Carolyn’s additions.

Ellen added more stitching to the back.

Ellen’s work on the purse front.

Completed purse front, including Thearica’s work

Completed purse back, including Thearica’s work


Thearica’s Naked Block

Work by Nicki Lee

More lovely work by Nicki Lee

Darlene printed and embellished this kitty transfer.

Basket of flowers by Drlene

Kitty and yarn by Darlene

Thearica’s block after Darlene

Carolyn added a large corner fan.

Carolyn also added embellishment on both 
sides of Nicki Lee’s lace

Carolyn’s spider and web

Thearica’s block after Carolyn

Some of Ellen’s work

More lovely work by Ellen

Thearica’s beautiful block completed.