March 28, 2012

Asian II Round Robin - 2011

The talented group of stitchers who participated in this delightful round robin were Candji B., Darlene, Meg, Peggy (Pegsue), and Rita C.  

Candji’s Naked Block

Darlene stitched these lanterns for Candji

Candji’s block after Darlene

This is the block after Meg added her embellishments

Peggy added coins and lots of stitching

After Rita added a fan and more stitching, Candji’s block was finished

Darlene’s Naked Block

Meg’s stitching for Darlene

Peggy added a Geisha and more stitching

The albino peacock was stitched by Rita

Darlene’s block after Peggy and Rita

Candji added more stitching and embellishment

Darlene’s finished Asian II block

Meg’s Naked Block

Pegsue stitched an Arabian stallion

Rita’s mosque and palm tree

Meg’s block after Pegsue and Rita

Candji added silk ribbon flowers and an embroidered pyramid

Here is a close-up of Candji’s work

Alladin’s lamp was stitched by Darlene

Meg’s block finished

Pegsue’s Naked Block
Rita stitched this Asian symbol

Rita also stitched the fish and the fan area

Here is Pegsue’s block after Rita

Candji added a beautiful tree, flowers and another fan

Darlene added another fan and stitching

Meg also stitched on this block, but the picture was so tiny that it did not upload legibly.


Rita’s Naked Block

Candji’s work

Darlene added fans and more stitching

Rita’s Block after Meg’s contributions

Geisha stitched by Pegsue. It was placed in the upper right corner of Rita’s block, but we do not have a picture of the entire finished block.

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