March 07, 2008

beaded RR - Jo's block

Jo's completed block. All the beaded seams were done by Lauri.

March 06, 2008

Fabulous Fans DYB - Leslie

Leslie's curvy wonders
First block embellished by Cathy

Fabulous Fans DYB - Jo

Jo's nekkid blocks

Fabulous Fans DYB - Gerry

Geery nekkid blocks

Fabulous Fans DYB - Cobi

Cobis "block #5
embellishment completed by Jo

Fabulous Fans DYB - Cathy

Cathy's 6 blocks

Embellished by Gerry K

Fabulous Fans DYB - Bonnie

Bonnies 6 blocks

First block by Leslie

Jewels on Black RR - Sossity's block

Sossity's block

Leslie's work

above and below - seams by LouAnne

Jewels on Black RR - Leslie's block

Leslie's black block

seams by LouAnne

Jewels on Black RR - LouAnne's block

LouAnne's block

Hideko's work

and the block after Jo work

Jewels on Black RR - Hideko's block

Jo's work on Hideko's block

Jewels on Black RR - Jo's block

nekkid block

Sossity's work

Leslie's work

Cream on Cream RR - Melissa's *teacosy* block

Melissa's block.

Megs work

Cream on Cream RR - Meg's block

Meg's block

Cobi's work, includingan antique mah jong tile.

After Debbies work

Cream on Cream RR - Jill's block

Jills block

Megs work,

Cream on Cream RR - Debbie's block

Debbie's block

Melissa's work

After Jills work.

Cream on Cream RR - Cobi's block

Cobi's block

Debbie's work,

and after Melissa's additions

NRR- Wendy's block

This is Wendy's completed block. Worked on by Candi,Jeanne, Lindy and Susan.

NRR- Susan's block

Sorry I am not sure who did what on this block. I know Wendy did the fabulous peacock, and Candi and Jeanne should of also worked on this block at this point.

NRR- Lindy's block

after Candi

and after Jeanne worked the block.

NRR- Jeanne's block

Jeanne's block after Susan

and after Wendy.

NRR- Candi's block

Candi's block after Susan M
and Wendy was the last to stitch on the block. This is how it went home.

Encrusted RR- Leslie's block

These first two pics are of Ati's work on Leslie's block

and after Cobis work.

Encrusted RR - Maire's block

Maire's block after Cobi

and after Gerry. Those birds are just stunning!