March 25, 2012

“CQ in September"

We will be having our 5th Annual Crazy Quilting International Retreat in Utah this year.  It will be held in West Point, a suburb of Salt Lake City, on the park-like property of Bev F, a CQI member.   

When:   Wednesday – Sunday, September 12-16. 
Wednesday eve welcome and dinner, three full days of stitching, field trips and fun!  
Farewell:  Sunday morning 

Registrations are now being accepted!!!  

Members staying on-site :    $100 per person. 
This includes a $25 non-refundable deposit and $75 for food 
Breakfast and dinners are provided, lunches will be on your own.  
Some members will sleep in on-site RVs (The RVs have beds and bathrooms, with electricity and running water for toilets and showers)  Others will stay in the house in bedrooms or on couches, as they prefer.  Everyone will have access to the home with full bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen facilities.   
Members staying at nearby hotels or bringing their own RV:  
            $25 non-refundable deposit plus $5 per meal (breakfast and dinner)
You will need to make your own hotel arrangements (information will be provided; many local hotels include breakfast with your reservation).  Lunches will be on your own.  Meal payments and reservations must be made and paid for at the time of registration.      

ACTIVITIES:                          MINI-CLASSES:                                             
Show & Tell                                  Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Stash Dash                                  Making felted motifs
Crazy Gift Exchange                   Stitch Roundtable
. . .  and more                                . . . and more 
AM:  Shopping or other field trips
Lunch out
Early afternoon:  Return to Retreat
Afternoon:  mini-classes or personal stitching time
5:30-ish:  Dinner
Evening:  Activities

**** On-site Registration is limited to 18 people.  Additional registrants will need to stay in a nearby hotel.
For more information, contact Cathy at

We hope we will “CQ” (See YOU) in September!


letslearnembroidery said...

Hi Cathy,
This is Ina of letslearnembroidery.Do you want me to contact you through e-mail or is it enough if I give permission here.I am always delighted if people want to show what I've done and link back on their blogs.By the way, your blog is great.I'm hooked!

piney cq said...

I don't understand..... It costs less for a person to pay the $5.00 per meal than the $75.00. Sounds like you will have a fun event.... just a bit confusing on the $$$.

Cathy said...

Leslie, yes it does and that is on purpose. The people who are staying are paying a bit more for amenities, like a bed, toilet paper, etc. Those staying off site still must arrange their lodging. And yes, I can understand how you are a bit confused about the $$$.