March 08, 2012

Celtic I RR - 2010

The Celtic I Round Robin was held in 2010.  The participants were:  Cathy L, Meg, Faye, Rebecca, and Wendy.

Cathy’s Naked Block
Faye’s work for Cathy L

The block after Meg’s contributions

Rebecca’s work

Another of Rebecca’s additions

Cathy L’s completed block

Faye’s Naked Block

Meg’s work on Faye's

Tri Knot by Rebecca

Celtic Heart by Rebecca

Faye’s block after Meg and Rebecca

Cathy L’s work

More of Cathy L’s work

Faye’s Block, complete

Meg’s Naked Block

Rebecca’s work

More of Rebecca’s work

Meg’s block after Rebecca

Cathy L’s Celtic Spiral

A dragon by Cathy L

Meg’s completed block

Rebecca’s Naked Block (3 sections)

Cathy L’s work

Work by Wendy

Faye’s additions

More of Faye’s lovely stitching

After Faye’s work

Completed blocks after everyone’s work

There is no picture of the naked block.
However, this is some of Faye’s work, early on

More of Faye’s work

A lovely tree by Faye

Cathy L’s work for Wendy

Wendy’s finished block after Meg (and all)

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patsy said...

OMG this site is soooo inspiring. i'm new to cq'ing and i just drool looking at all the blocks. i think i'm gonna to try and make a christmas cq block. the one posted here is adorable. thank you all for sharing and inspiring me to try new things.