August 23, 2013

Stencil Giveaway Announcement

Sorry I am a couple days late, but I got too involved in my studio remodel.

After visiting Mr. Random Number Generator (what a guy!) he selected #52 as winner.  So, congratulations to
You have won the stencils, and we've sent you an email to notify you.

Thank you to everyone who entered! We appreciate your interest.

If you still need to get some stencils, visit Sharon Boggon at But hurry! She is leaving shortly on a grand vacation and will not be accepting orders during September and October.

August 14, 2013

Another Stencil Set Giveaway!!

As promised, we are back for another giveaway of this wonderful new tool.  You may remember that CQ and stitching guru Sharon Boggon (and CQI member extraordinaire) had generously donated stencils to the group for giveaway.  Last month we gave away the first set, and now we are giving away the second to some lucky CQI Blog Reader!

These clever stencils are made of solid plastic and are clear so that marking seams for embroidery is a cinch. Sharon has also written a very thorough guide for these stencils, filled with examples and tips for using them. The creative possibilities are endless!

You can read more about Sharon`s stencils here on her blog:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The giveaway rules are exactly the same as last time: just leave a comment below! Yep, it’s that easy!   

Some of the “fine print”:
1. Limit one comment per person. 
2. Make sure your name links to your email address or that you include it in your comment.  Anonymous comments with no contact information will be disqualified.
3. International entries welcome!!

On Wednesday, August 21 we will draw for a winner and announce it here on the blog. We will also contact the winner personally to arrange mailing. 

So, be sure to enter by leaving a comment below!  And while you’re at it, why not visit Sharon’s blog Pintangle and give her a shout out for such a generous giveaway!!

August 13, 2013

Winter Scenes DYB Round Robin, 2012

This was a fun round robin for the ladies who participated.  The theme was winter, and was interpreted as cold and snowy. Christmas references were optional, depending on what the block owner envisioned for her blocks.  Participants in this round robin were Colleen A, Cathy L, Wendy, Peggy, Ruby R and Sue S.


Colleen’s block by Peggy
Sue stitched this block for Colleen
Colleen stitched this block herself
For Colleen by Wendy 
Stitched by Ruby
Cathy L stitched this block for Colleen


Three of Cathy’s naked blocks
More naked blocks
This cute block was stitched by Peggy
Sus stitched this block for Cathy


Peggy’s naked blocks
For Peggy by Ruby
Colleen’s block for Peggy
Sue’s block for Peggy
Block stitched by Wendy
Cathy L did this block for Peggy


Ruby’s Naked Blocks
For Ruby by Sue
For Ruby by Wendy
For Ruby by Cathy L

Naked Block 1
Block 1 stitched by Ruby
Naked Block 2
Block 2 stitched by Cathy L
Naked Block 3
Block 3 stitched by Peggy

Naked Block 4
Naked Block 5
Block 5 stitched by Colleen
Naked Block 6
Block 6 stitched by Wendy


Wendy’s Naked Blocks
Colleen stitched this block for Wendy
This cute block was Peggy’s creation
Arlene stitched this block for Wendy (as angel for Sue)
For Wendy by Cathy L
For Wendy by Ruby

August 11, 2013

Be My Valentine DYB (Round Robin, 2012

This was a fun Valentine-themed round robin that six very talented ladies participated in.  They were Cathy L (Iowa, USA), Connie K (Colorado, USA), Nicki Lee S, (MA, USA), Alice T (Australia),  Elizabeth (MA, USA), and Lisa B (AZ, USA), with Arlene of Australia as Angel.

In a DYB (Do your block) round robin, each participant makes six smaller (6”) blocks. As they are mailed around, each stitcher picks one block and embellishes it fully.  When they arrive home, all blocks except one are done.  The owner of the blocks gets to complete the sixth and has enough blocks for a small project!

We apologize in advance for missing pictures, but some were not photographed or provided to us.


The pictures above and below are Cathy L’s  naked pieced blocks. 

Alice’s work for Cathy
Nicki Lee for Cathy
Connie’s for Cathy


Naked Block 1
Alice’s work, Block 1
Naked Block 2 
Cathy L stitched Block 2
Naked Block 3
Block 3 by Connie
Block 4
Block 5, Naked
Block 5 stitched by Arlene as angel
Nicki`s #6 Block

Connie’s Naked Block 1
Connie’s Naked Block 2
Block 2 after stitching by Cathy L
Connie’s Naked Block 3
Connie’s Naked Block 4
Block 4 after stitching by Alice
Naked Block 5
Ely’s stitching on Block 5
Naked Block 6
Nicki’s work for Connie on Block 6


The pictures above and below are Alice’s six naked blocks.

Connie’s work for Alice
Nicki Lee’s work for Alice
Cathy L’s work for Alice


Elizabeth (Ely) did not have a camera, so the pictures of her blocks are just those that the stitchers took of their finished work. 

Connie for Ely
Alice’s for Ely
Arlene’s for Ely
Cathy L for Ely

Lisa had to withdraw from the round robin, so there are only two blocks that were worked on. Arlene did the Angel work for Lisa.  These beautiful, low-color blocks are gorgeous just as they are!  

Alice’s block for Lisa

Cathy L’s block for Lisa