July 06, 2008

Peacock RR - Wendy's block

Wendys block
First, Andrea
second, Cathy
Third, Susan

and the completed block , last to stitch was Cheryl

Peacock RR - Susan's block

Susan's Block
First to stitch was Chery
second, Wendy
Third Adrea's additions

And last but not least, Cathy's work, and the finished block

Peacock RR- Cheryl's block

First to stitch was Wendy

Second , Andrea

Third Cathy
And finally, Susan finished off the block.

Peacock RR- Cathy's block

Cathy's block
first work by Susan
By Cheryl
and finally how the block went home after Wendy

peacock RR - Andrea's block

Andrea's block
first to stitch , Cathy

second Susan M

third Cheryl

And how the block went home after Wendy's work

Landscape RR - Lyn's block

Last to stitch was Debbie. Another fabulous Landscape block completed

Landscape RR - Leslie's block

Missed posting Janie's work on Leslie's block, she was first to work the block (follow the tag to see Gerry's addition)
Block after Debbie, and below after Lyn

J D Lyn

Landscape RR - Gerry's block

Gerrys block after Leslie. Janie is supposed to find somewhere to add something too!!

Landscape RR - Janie's block

This is how Janie's block went home. Last two stitchers Lyn(3) and Leslie(last)

Landscape RR - Debbie's block

Janie's work, and below, the stitching was completed by Gerry K

Janie gerry

Fabulous Fans - Leslie's

above by Cobi. Below by Jo
4 completed blocks together. 2 more to go.

Fabulous Fans - Jo's

by Cathy

By Gerry, and below by Leslie

c g l

Fabulous Fans - Gerry's

This block is by Jo, and below by Leslie
and all three together

Fabulous Fans - Cobi's

Above, block by Cathy. And below by Leslie
All four blocks completed so far together. Aren't they fantastic

cathy L

Fabulous Fans - Cathy's

block by Jo

Fabulous Fans - Bonnie's

block by Cathy, and below by Gerry.

Jewels on Black - Sossity's block

Sossity's block after Hideko

And finished by Jo

Jewels on Black - LouAnne's block

Sossity's work on LA's block

And the completed block by Leslie