January 27, 2010

Fabulous First-Timers #6

This is the Fabulous First-Timers #6 Round Robin, which began and ended in 2009.   The participants were Dakota, Juli, Marci, Kathy S & Nancy.  The FFT round robins allow the participants to choose any theme they desire, and the results, as you can see, were varied and spectacular!

Dakotah's Block

Dakotah's Naked Block

Marci's seam on Dakotah's block

Fan decorated by Marci

More of Marci's work

Juli added a basketful of flowers

Block after Juli and Marci

Butterfly and beaded trim by Kathy

Nancy stitched these lovely bullion roses

More of Nancy's work.  No final picture of block available.

Juli's Block

Juli's Naked Christmas Block

Juli's Block with Kathy's work

Floral Spray done by Nancy

Dakotah's work

Snowflakes by Marci

More of Marci's lovely stitching.  No final block picture is available.

Kathy's Block

Kathy's Naked Block

Nancy's work on Kathy's Block

Nancy's Paisley for Kathy

Nancy also overstitched this lace

Block after Nancy's work

Dakotah's stitching

Dakotah did another paisley, plus a
bullion Fat Cat

Marci added this stitching

More of Marci's lovely stitching

There were no pictures available of the finished block.

Marci's Block

Marci's Naked Block

Juli's yo-yo for Marci

Kathy's garden seam treatment for Marci

Nancy's work for Marci

Some lovely seamwork by Nancy

And a lovely paisley by Dakotah

Dakotah also added some bullion roses

Marci's completed block

Nancy's Block

Nancy's Naked Block

Dakotah's work on Nancy's block

Block after Dakotah's work

Marci's work

This is the last of the available pictures for Nancy's block.

January 23, 2010

Hearts II Round Robin - 2009

Moving along with our completed Round Robins for 2009, we'll now take a look at the lovely work completed in the Hearts II Round Robin.  Participants of this RR included Carol, Cathy K, Gerry H, Debbie Q, and Karen S.

Cathy's Block

Cathy's Naked Block

Closeup of Debbie's "Love" envelope

All of Debbie's work

Cathy's block after Debbie's work

Carol's work

Karen's beaded lace motif

Seams by Karen

Block after Debbie, Carol and Karen

Some of Gerry H's work

Embellished lace by Gerry H

More of Gerry's work

Cathy's Completed Block

Carol's Block

Carol's Block - there is no beginning picture, but this picture
was taken after the first stitcher, Karen S.
Karen stitched many lovely seams and added a dyed butterfly-like motif.

Gerry H. added more feminine stitching and embellishment

Block after Karen & Gerry

Cathy added Hearts, a rose bouquet, lace and button trails

More of Cathy's work

Block after Cathy's work

Debbie Q added stitching, flowers, a dragonfly and buttons

Carol's block finished

Gerry H's Block

Gerry's stunning beginning Heart Block

Cathy's Corner motif for Gerry

Cathy's work on center heart for Gerry

Block after Cathy

Debbie's corner motifs and heart work for Gerry

Entire block after Debbie

Block after Karen S's motifs (upper right) and work
on heart (also upper right)

Gerry's block, finished.  Carol's work is in lower left
 and on central right of heart.

Karen S's Block

Karen S's Beginning Block.  Karen had participated in a previous
 round robin and used the center heart from
 those friends to add to this block.  Along with her rich
colors, it set a very elegant theme for this block.

Gerry H. added another dragonfly, lace and lots more flowers!

Cathy added more hearts, some vintage lace and an embellished lace heart.

Cathy also trimmed the center heart with gold and flowers.
Here is the block after the first two stitchers.

Wow!  Look at the magnificent beaded bird (and flowers) that Debbie Q added.

More of Debbie's work

Block after Debbie's work

Close-up of Carol's lovely work in upper left areas

Karen's finished block.  After it arrived home, Karen
added a frame to it and made it into a wall hanging.

Debbie Q's Block

Debbie's Beginning Block

Karen's heart  #1 of silk ribbon embroidery for Debbie

Karen's heart #2, another  gorgeous silk ribbon creation

Debbie's block after Karen

Gerry's meticulous seamwork and hearts

Cathy's heart of metallic thread and freshwater pearls for Debbie

Vine and spiderweb by Cathy.  Notice the heart in the spiderweb!

Debbie's Finished Block