June 23, 2013

Attention all Followers

As you may know, Google Reader is going away in July.  If you follow this blog through your Google Reader, you will lose not only the link to this blog, but to all blogs you are following.

After checking out the two alternative readers (Feedly and Bloglovin’), we recommend that you QUICKLY sign up for Bloglovin’ if you have not already done so.

Just click the link provided in the upper section of the sidebar.  Bloglovin’ will automatically import all your blogs, and you can continue on your merry way. It is really very similar to Google.

Thanks for being a follower!  We have a great surprise to announce in the next post!


In the summer of 2012, Crazy Quilting International held a tin swap.  The idea was to take an Altoids tin, or something similar, and cover it in crazy quilting.  Participants were also challenged to finish the interior and perhaps include some “goodies” for their swap partner.  There were a lot of participants, but not everyone posted their pictures. You will agree, however, that the ones shown below are lovely and clever!

Lovely work by an unnamed stitcher
This cheery tin (above and below) was stitched by Donna for Sandy

Donna cleverly used a lovely trim on the sides
Susan B’s tin for Hollie. Can you spot the initials?

Shannon stitched the beauty for Theresa

Here is the side view of Shannon’s work

Pam created this lovely tin for Hollie.

Mary was the lucky recipient of this gorgeous tin by Susan

Even the inside is beautiful!

Kristie stitched a beautiful butterfly for Shannon
What a luxury interior!
Cathy K made this tin for Susan R

The interior of the tin is from a vintage padded lining

What a lively and original tin Pam created for Kristie!

Pam even included feet on her tin!