November 03, 2007

Beaded RR - Leslie's block

Lauri's work

After Jo

Beaded RR - Lauri's block

Jo's work

Carol's work

Beaded RR - Jo's block

Jo's nekkid block
Carol's work

Cheryl's work

Beaded RR - Cheryl's block

Leslie's work

Lauris work, and close up on her feather

Beaded RR - Carol's block

Caro'sl block
Cheryl's work

After Leslie

Roses RR - Kim's block

Kim's block. This will be a purse once completed

Cathy's work

Cobi's work

Roses RR- Gerry K's block

Gerrys nekkid block

Kim's work

After Cathy

close up of Cathy work.

Roses RR- Debbie's block

Debbie's pieced block

Gerry's work top left ( above the hummingbird). Kims work bottom right (including and below the hummingbird).

Roses RR - Cobi's block

Cobi's pieced block

after Debbie S

After Gerry

Roses RR- Cathy's block

naked block
after Cobi

after Debbie s

After Gerry K

Summer Breeze DYB - Melissa's blocks

by Maire
by Leslie

Summer Breeze DYB - Maire's blocks

by Jo

Summer Breeze DYB - Jo's blocks

by Bonnie
4 completed blocks together

Summer Breeze DYB - Leslie's blocks

by Jo

Summer Breeze DYB - Jakkie's blocks

by Maire
by Melissa

Summer Breeze DYB - Bonnie's blocks

By Maire

By Melissa