February 28, 2012

Bountiful Beginnings, 2010 - 2011

This is the Bountiful Beginnings Traditional Round Robin.  It was for Newbies, but you would never know it from their lovely work!  This round robin started in 2010 and finished up in 2011, and the original participants were Ely, Marilynne, Misty, Lisa A, and Gina.  However, a couple of the ladies had to drop out, and Kerry also served as a stitching Angel for both of them.

Misty’s Naked Block

Work by Lisa, Kerry and Ely

Detail of work by Lisa and Kerry

A larger picture 

Misty’s finished block


Lisa’s Naked Block

Kerry’s work for Lisa

Lisa’s block after Kerry

Lisa’s block with Misty’s work added

Lisa’s completed block 

The Naked Block

Misty’s work on Marilynne’s block


Work by Kerry

The block after Kerry

No picture of the naked block, but here
it is after Lisa has done her work

Detail of Lisa’s work

More detail of Lisa’s stitching

Block after Misty’s work

Detail of Misty’s work

Gina’s completed block

Ely’s Complete block; the only picture we have

Asian I RR - 2010

The Asian-themed traditional Round Robin (#1) began and ended in 2010. The ladies had a lot of fun with this and were very creative in their embellishments, as you will see.  The participants were:  Rita, Meg, Diane M, Nicki Lee, and Darlene.


Darlene’s Naked Block

Seam treatment by Diane M.

More stitching by Diane M

Diane also did this feather stitch

Darlene’s block after Diane’s work

Nicki Lee added these embellishments

More work by Nicki Lee

The block after work by Diane, Nicki Lee and Meg

Rita added this delicate flower spray

This kimono was also created by Rita

Another unique embellishment by Rita

Darlene’s completed block

Diane’s Naked Block

Nicki Lee added this wonderful Geisha

Diane’s block after Nicki Lee’s work. Note the beaded fans in lower left.

Diane’s block after Meg added her contributions

   Fan added by Rita

Seamwork by Rita

Diane’s block after Rita

Feather stitch by Darlene

Diane’s completed block

Meg’s Naked Block

Arabic “Friend” embroidered by Rita

This is the block (note the added paisley and seams) after Rita’s work

Darlene added this silkie print and embellishment

Meg’s block after Darlene

Diane added this “magic carpet”!

Diane beaded this mandala

Bottom section of the block shows work by Diane and Darlene

Whole block at this point

Work by Nicki Lee

More of Nicki Lee’s work

Meg’s Completed Block


 Nicki Lee’s Naked Block

Nicki Lee’s block after Meg

 Rita’s work on Nicki Lee’s block

More of Rita’s work

Nicki Lee’s block after Rita

Work by Darlene

More work by Darlene

The block after Darlene, Rita and Meg

 Diane embellished this fan 

Seam and patch by Diane

Nicki Lee’s finished block

Rita’s Naked Block

Work by Darlene

Bamboo stitched by Diane 

Mums created by Diane

Completed block with everyone’s stitching