January 19, 2008

"SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS" Friendship Doll swap- 2007

Group shot :
top row - Linda F, Jackie, Lynn S, Mary, Jo~~
middle row-Linda F, Nancilynn, Barb, Barb, Barb~~
bottom row- Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, Lyn G, Lyn G., Lyn G
Lynn S

Nancilyn's Iceblossom
Jo in NZ's

Linda F
Linda F

Lyn G

Lyn G

Jackie Y's star

Leslie's Madame Butterfly

Leslie's Dragonheart

Leslie's Flower Princess

January 17, 2008

Encrusted RR - Maire's block

#1 Maire's nekkid block

#2 After Ati's work

Encrusted RR - Leslie's block

#1 Leslie's nekkid block

#2 Maire's work

Encrusted RR - Cobi's block

#1 Cobi's block

#2 Gerry's work

Encrusted RR - Gerry's block

#1 Gerry's nekkid block

#2 Leslie's work

Encrusted RR - Ati's block

#1 Ati's block

#2 Cobi's work

Beaded RR - Leslie's block

After Carol's additions

Completed block after Cheryl's stitching.

Beaded RR - Lauri's block

Cheryls work for Lauri

Completed block with all the gaps filled in by Leslie. Another beautiful block

Beaded RR - Cheryl's block

Block after Jo's work. She did the peacocks with the "gold" highlights.

Cheryls Beaded Peacock block. Some really stunning work done on this. Stitched on By Leslie, Lauri, Jo and Carol. Sorry, not a great pic, but it is a great block!

Beaded RR - Carol's block

Carols block completed. Stitched on by Cheryl, Leslie, Lauri and Jo.

NRR- Wendy's block

#1 unembellished block

#2 Candi's work

#3 Jeanne's work

NRR-Susan's block

#1 Susan's nekkid block

#2 by Wendy

#3 by Candi

NRR- Lindy's block

#1 Lindys nekkid block

#2 By Susan

#3 by Wendy

NRR - Jeanne's block

#1 Jeanne's nekkid block

#2 Lindy's work

NRR- Candi's block

Candi's block

1, by Jeanne (Switzerland)

2 by Lindy (Australia)

Roses RR - Kim's block

After Debbie.

Completed block after Gerry's work.
Kim's block was designed as a purse. Below is the back of the purse, and inside, under the front flap.

Roses RR- Gerry K's block

After Cobi

Block completed after Debbie S's stitching.
Gerry added the finishing touches to her block, and below is the finished product.