February 19, 2011

4th Annual CQI RETREAT in Estes Park, CO

Please join us for our fourth annual Crazy Quilting International gathering, SEPTEMBER STITCH SHENANIGANS!!

WHEN:      Wednesday, Sept 21, 2011 (5:00 pm) to 
                 Mon, Sept 26, 2011 (11:00 am)
                 5 nights accommodation, Classes Thurs - Sun 
WHERE:   Estes Park, CO
                 YMCA - large private cabin
WHO:       YOU are invited to join in the fun!

This year is jam packed with lots of fun activities, classes and workshops, and much more!!!

Martha Green
Gerry Krueger

We will also feature:

Crazy Gift Exchange Game - sometimes called a Chinese Auction

Stash Dash -  tables-full of stash, yours for the taking!
Show & Tell - everyone can share their own CQ work
A Vendor Mall - inquire how you can sell your wares!
Ugly Tie Swap - an optional way to build your tie stash
Round-tables - where members share favorite stitches with each other
Workshops - dyeing, beading cabochons, Angelina fibers and more 

Approximate costs are $255 for lodging, $100 to cover teachers and, of course, your own funds for shopping and meals.  This is a phenomenal deal!!

Spaces are limited, so be sure to make YOUR reservation now!!!
For more information, contact Leslie Ehrlich

February 03, 2011

Covered Tin Swap 2010

In 2010, Crazy Quilting International did another Tin Swap.  See our 2009 Tin Swap here.  As usual, our participants turned out some beautiful and clever work.  Wouldn’t you love to have one of these?  Or two? (or more?!?)

Two tins by Lorrie R - front

Two tins by Lorrie R - back

Inside of Lorrie’s tins 

Jacque’s tin outside

Jacque’s tin inside (including goodies!)

Merle’s tin, top and side

Top view of Merle’s lovely stitching 

Inside of Merle’s tin 

Laurie N. stitched this stunning tin

Inside of Laurie’s tin

Lisa A. created this darling tin 

And then she created ANOTHER one!

Inside of Lisa’s tins

Susie J. was on a roll!  Tin #1

Susie’s cute tin #2 

And tin #3 by Susie!

Debbie S. stitched this lovely tin 

Diane P’s tin was personalized to Suzie 

The inside of Diane P’s tin

Meg created two tins, each showing her versatile needlework skills

Meg’s tin #2

Bees, Butterflies & BEETLES II

The theme of Bees, Butterflies and Beetles was so popular, that a second group of stitchers formed another round robin so they could play, too!  In BBBII, the talented stitchers were Margreet, Darlene, Cathy L, Ritva and Beryl - representing countries from all over the world!


Beryl’s Naked Block

Cathy L’s work on Beryl’s block

Darlene added the beetles and the Beatles!

Margreet’s work for Beryl

This gorgeous butterfly was stitched by Ritva

More of Ritva’s work

Beryl’s completed block

Cathy’s Naked Block

Darlene’s work for Cathy 

Margreet’s work

Detail of Margreet’s work

Ritva’s work

Beryl’s work

Cathy L’s completed block


Darlene’s Naked Block

Margreet’s lovely work 

Darlene was next to stitch on Ritva’s block

Beryl;s work

Cathy L’s work

Darlene’s Completed Block


Margreet’s Naked Block

Ritva’s work

 Beryl’s work

Cathy L’s work

Margreet’s block after Ritva, Beryl and Cathy

Darlene’s work

Completed Block after Margreet finished and framed it.


Ritva’s Naked Block

Beryl started off on Ritva’s block

Cathy L added these critters

More of Cathy’s work

Ritva’s block after Beryl and Cathy

Ritva’s block after Darlene added her stitching

Finished block after Margreet’s work

Ritva’s lovely block after she framed it.