April 12, 2008

landscape RR - Lyn

Lynn's block

After Leslie's additions.

Janie's work.

and Gerry's

landscape RR - Leslie

Leslie's block

Gery's work

landscape RR - Janie

Janie's block

After Gerrys work
and after Debbie S

landscape RR - Gerry

Gerrys block

after Debbie's work

and after Lyn.

landscape RR - Debbie S

Debbies block
Lyn's work

after Leslie

encrusted RR - Maire's's block

Leslie finished up Maire's block.

...and a close up of Gerry's birds because I KNOW y'all are going to want to see that!! ;)

encrusted RR - Leslie's block

Block completed. Gerry was last to work on this block for Leslie

encrusted RR - Gerry's block

Gerrys completed block. Cobi was last to work on it

encrusted RR - Cobi's block

Maires work

and the competed block after Ati worked on it.

encrusted RR - Ati's block

Completed block.
Maire was last to work on it

Fabulous Fans - Leslie's blocks

By Gerry

Fabulous Fans - Jo's blocks

By Bonnie

Fabulous Fans - Gerry's blocks

by Cobi

Fabulous Fans - Cobi's blocks

block by Bonnie

Fabulous Fans - Cathy's blocks

block by Cobi