November 16, 2016

Crazy Quilt Heart Challenge & Other Updates

CQI 2016 Challenge Updates:

Earlier this year, Crazy Quilting International hosted a Crazy Quilted Heart Challenge.

Wilma generously offered a heart template and we asked our members to make a completed project - of their choice - using this template. 

Members were allowed to enlarge or reduce the size of the heart template to fit the needs of their project.

Seven entries were submitted. The beginner category received 4 entries and the advanced category received 3 entries. As much as we would love to share photos of the entries now, they will all be featured in the Spring 2017 edition of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine, which will be available through MagCloud on February 1, 2017. 

Next June we hope to have some beautiful work to share with you. Due to the lack of participation in our fall challenge, we decided to change the dates of the Crazy Quilt Purse Challenge. Instead of offering this as a winter challenge, it will be a 2017 challenge. Details will be shared with our members soon! 


We would love to congratulate all of the CQI members that have had their work featured in the Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine this year. 

Some of our members have even had their exquisite work featured on the magazine covers. How exciting is that?!

Gerry's block featured on the cover of the Autumn 2016 edition amazes me every time I look at it.

And Lisa's beautiful tree on the special Holiday edition is just stunning.

The 2016 Winter edition is available now, too.

Several of our members also have their work featured in the 2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar! Way to go, ladies! (Pamela Kellogg shared photos of the winning blocks here on her blog.)

I smile every time I see Connie's gorgeous block on the calendar cover.

Please note: Crazy Quilting International is not affiliated with the Crazy Quilt Quarterly. It is the only magazine we are aware of that focuses solely on crazy quilting and it is fun to see our members' work featured. If you are interested, you may find copies of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly and the Crazy Quilt Calendar here


1. Kathy Shaw is looking for a volunteer to take over the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP) for 2017. You may read more details here. (If you are wondering what CQJP is, you may learn more about it here.)

2. The Crazy Quilt Quarterly is seeking submissions for the 2017 Summer edition. Submissions should be made before February 1, 2017. You may find more details here.

3. The Crazy Quilt Quarterly is seeking submissions for the 2017 Holiday edition. Submissions should be made before May 1, 2017. You may find more details here.

4. The Crazy Quilt Quarterly 2018 Crazy Quilt Calendar Contest is open through May 31, 2017. The theme is musicals. You may find more details here

Coming Soon:

Photos from the Halloween Fabric Postcard Swap Wilma hosted will be shared soon!

Wishing you all happy stitching!


May 16, 2016

Day of the Dead Traditional RR 2015

This Day of the Dead Traditional Round Robin began in February of 2015. Typically, a traditional round robin takes 4 - 5 months to complete. These ladies must have really loved this round robin. They finished in April of 2015!

Annette G., Dominique L., Mary B., Deborah H. (Debbie), and Flora and were the 5 participants in this round robin. I do hope you enjoy seeing their fun embellishments!  (This is a very photo heavy post.)

Annette's Block

Annette G.'s bare block.
Close up of Mary B.'s work on Annette's block.
Close up of Debbie's work on Annette's block.
Annette's block with embellishments by Mary and Debbie.
Close up of Dominique's work for Annette.
Another close up of Dominique's work for Annette.
Annette's block embellished by Mary, Debbie and Dominique
Flora's embellishments on Annette's block.
Annette's completed block

Mary's Block

Mary B.'s bare block
Close up of Debbie's work.
Another close up of Debbie's work

Mary's block after Debbie's embellishments.
Dominique's work on Mary's block
Another close up of Dominique's work.
Additional embellishments by Dominique
Flora's work
Another close up of Flora's work
Mary's block after Debbie, Dominique and Flora
Close up of Annette's work
Mary's completed block

Deborah's Block

Debbie H.'s bare block
Dominique's work for Debbie
Also by Dominique
More work by Dominique for Debbie
Flora added the orange silk ribbon flowers
and the fun fringe with the skull beads.
Close up of Annette's work.
Black lace with beads and orange flowers added by Annette.
Debbie's block after Dominique, Flora, Annette & Mary
Pillow Debbie created with her embellished
Day of the Dead block

Dominique's Block

Dominique L.'s bare block
Flora's work for Dominique
Close up of Flora's work.
Annette's work for Dominique - from pink rick rack down and over to the red rose.
Mary's work for Dominique.
Close up of Debbie's work.
Dominique's completed block.

Flora's Block

Flora's bare block

Annette's work on Flora's block.
Close up of Mary's work.
Close up of Debbie's work

After Annette, Mary and Debbie
Close up of Dominique's work.
Flora's completed block.

April 07, 2016

Spring Challenge 2016: Best Extended Seam

We would love to thank the 20 Crazy Quilting International (CQI) members that participated in the 2016 Spring Best Extended Seam Challenge. And we also want to thank Kathy and Jo for taking on the incredibly difficult task of choosing the top three best extended seams.

The decision making process was not an easy one. Each judge had favorites. In fact, once the judges agreed upon the three seams they felt best met the criteria for an extended seam, they asked if we could also add a Judge's Choice category. 

Entry 15
1st place: Crazy Quilt Template Set 2 donated by Sharon B. of

Diana's seam was selected for 1st place.
Entry 7
2nd place: $20 Gift Certificate to Raviolee Dreams on Etsy for laces hand dyed by Barbara Nicki Lee Seavey (Certificate excludes shipping expenses.) 

Carol's seam was selected for 2nd place.

Entry 2
3rd Place: An Antique Dutch Cigarette Silk Fruit Basket from A Crazy Quilt Journey on Etsy, donated by Wilma van Wagensveld

Janet's seam was selected for 3rd place.

Judges Choice Awards
Entry 8

Kathy chose Entry 8 by Nina and she said, "This is the seam that I wish that I had stitched."
Entry 19
Jo chose Entry 19 by Margreet. She liked the traditional treatment, multiple layers, thread types and colours, the beads, that it extended onto both sides of the seam, and added it was "just my style."

Entries in the order received:

Entry 1 - submitted by Marilyn

Entry 2 - submitted by Janet - 3rd Prize Winner

Entry 3 - submitted by Kathy

Entry 4 - submitted by Heather

Entry 5 - submitted by Patricia

Entry 6 - submitted by Kathleen

Entry 7 - submitted by Carol - 2nd Prize Winner

Entry 8 - submitted by Nina - Judges Choice Award

Entry 9 - submitted by Margaret

Entry 10 - submitted by Katie

Entry 11 - submitted by Casey

Entry 12 - submitted by Terry

Entry 13 - submitted by Joy

Entry 14 - submitted by Ritva

Entry 15 - submitted by Diana - 1st Prize Winner

Entry 16 - submitted by Cindi

Entry 17 - submitted by Sandra

Entry 18 - submitted by Pamela

Entry 19 - submitted by Margareet - Judges Choice Award

Entry 20 - submitted by Donna

Thank you all for participating! Your work is beautiful and inspiring. 

We would also love to thank all of our vendor members that have made donations this year to make our seasonal challenges more fun for the participants. In alphabetical order, these members are:

·   Barbara Nicki Lee Seavey – Raviolee Dreams on Etsy
·   Elizabeth Rudder – CQI Moderator
·   Janet Stauffacher  - Vintage
·   Kathy Shaw – Shawkl Designs
·   Marcy Wyatt – Crazy Quilt and Other Crafts and  Handmade Needle Arts Facebook Group
·   Sharon Boggon –
·   Thearica Burroughs –
·   Wilma van Wagensveld – A Crazy Quilt Journey on Etsy

Visitors that may be wondering what an "extended seam" is, this post Wilma shared on her blog explains.

Future 2016 Challenges:
     Summer Challenge: Crazy Quilted Heart - details coming soon!
     Fall Challenge: New CQI Logo
     Winter Challenge: Crazy Quilted Purse

The challenges are only for Crazy Quilting International members, but any crazy quilters may join. We meet on Facebook. And on Yahoo we meet within these 5 groups: the main CQI groupgallery onegallery twogallery three and our swaps & activities group. (Please note: on Yahoo, each group must be joined separately.)