March 08, 2012

Christmas-Winter DYB 2010

This is a DYB (Do Your Own Block) Round Robin, where each participant pieces 6 small (6” square) blocks. Each of the other participants selects one block and does it completely, and when the blocks return home to their owner, 5 of 6 are complete (leaving the last one for the owner to do).  The theme here was Christmas or Winter, and the participants were:  Juli, Ritva, Peggy Sue, Laura and Diane.


 Block 1 Before

Block 1 with Ritva’s work

Block 2 with Juli’s work

Naked Block 3

Block 3 stitched by Laura

Naked Block 5 (block 4 - no pictures)

Peggy’s work on Block 5

Naked Block 6

Block 6 stitched by Ritva 

Laura’s Naked Blocks

Ritva stitched this block

Shared block; some stitching by all

Diane’s block for Laura

Juli’s block for Laura

Peggy’s block for Laura


Peggy’s 2 Santa Blocks (she lives in Australia, where Christmas is in the summer)

Two more of Peggy’s naked blocks for mantel scarf

Peggy’s final 2 naked mantel scarf blocks

Ritva’s block for Peggy

Shared block for Peggy

Juli’s block for Peggy


One of Ritva’s Naked blocks (the one left unstitched)

Naked Block 2

Peggy stitched on this block

 Naked Block 3

Diane’s work for Ritva 

Naked Block 4

 Stitched by Juli

Naked Block 5

Laura stitched this block

Ritva’s Naked Block 6

Block 6 partially embellished by all

Juli’s Naked Blocks

Ritva’s work for Juli

Peggy’s block for Juli

(no other pictures were submitted)

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