March 25, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai

This is a project very close to my heart.  I've just created a logo (such as it is, i'm new to Adobe Photoshop) that we can use to help draw signigicance to this specific project!  We will be creating wall hangings that will be displayed in the International Quilt Festival in Tokyo in coordination with Patchwork Tsushin.  Any one
interested in participating in making a block or a full wall hanging is encouraged to get in touch with me at for guidelines, etc.!  Thanks go out to everyone already participating!

March 17, 2011

4th Annual September Stitch Shenanigans

I wanted to re-post a reminder about our 4th Annual Sept. Stitch Shenanigans crazy quilt retreat! We are accepting deposits now to hold your spot!!! This promises to be a very fun time!

2011 September Stitch Shenanigans

Where: Estes Park, Colorado
When: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at 5:00 PM to Monday, September 26 at 11:00 AM

Please join us for our FOURTH ANNUAL CQI crazy quilted gathering!! This year is jam packed with
teachers Martha Green (Carny Roadside Attraction School of Crazy Quilting) and Gerry Krueger, a
vendor mall, mini tutorials and CQ fun! A sampling of past activities includes Chinese Auction, Stash
Dash, Ugly Tie Swap along with a variety of mini tutorials and LOTS of technique shared amongst the
members!! Approximate costs are $255 for lodging, $100 for food and $100 for our teachers and of
course shopping funds! Spaces are limited, so be sure to make YOUR reservation now!!! Day rates are
available for those wishing to attend a class only.

For more information, please contact Leslie Ehrlich at

March 15, 2011

Hearts & Hands For Sendai Project

I have just created a flickr group where anyone participating in the project can display the blocks that they are creating from start to finish.  The completed quilts will also be displayed there.  This promises to be a fantastic group effort from the quilting community!  Thanks to everyone who are participating!

March 14, 2011

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

At CQI, we are sponsoring a project to generate funds for the recovery effort in Japan.  Our dear friend Hideko Ishida is fortuneately safe along with Emiko.  We continue to keep her in our thoughts as she waits to hear about her family.  This project is open to everyone interested in participating in the quilting community, both traditional and crazy quilting.  I am posting the guidelines here.  Please contact me privately at if you are interested in creating a block for a quilt so I can add you to the masterlist!  Please feel free to utilize this post on your own blog to help in spreading the word!!!

  I will send you my snail mail address at that time along with a pdf of the guidelines.  Thank you to everyone for your generous support!

                                         Hearts and Hands For Sendai

This project will be dedicated to helping those affected by the earthquake tsunami disaster in Japan. Per Hideko Ishida's request, all quilts will become a part of an exhibit in Japan where money will be raised by viewing the quilts. Ultimately, these quilts may be auctioned and the proceeds given to a charity designated by Hideko Ishida, our Japanese CQ Sister! We will keep everyone informed as time progresses. This project is open to the quilting community at large! You may track details on the Crazy Quilting International blog, or the ICQA Facebook page .

Guidelines are as follows:

Theme: Friendship and re-building of a country

Finished block size: 8 inches

Colors: Jewel Tones

Style: traditional or crazy quilt blocks will be accepted

For traditional quilt blocks, there are no pattern restrictions. The only requirements are the size and the colors. Finished size is to be 8 inches (20.32 cm). Please allow a half inch seam allowance. Colors are jewel tones. No restrictions to the type of fabric used.

For crazy quilt blocks:

_ Cut foundation at 9 inches (22.86 cm), piece the entire foundation.

_ Baste a line at 8 inches (20.32 cm) to stop embroidering

_ Do not add beads or charms past 7 ½ inches (19.05 cm)

_ Zig zag edges to prevent edges from fraying.

_ Add your name and address on the back of the block.

_ Mark the block with “UP” to show which side is the top

_ Prefer all fabrics used be “fancies” (ie: silk, satin, taffeta, velvet) but if you have

some kimono fabrics or other oriental themed fabrics in your stash you are

welcome to use them.

_ All beading MUST be double stitched and knotted with BEADING THREAD!!!

NO exceptions!!! These items will be handled a great deal and beads, buttons,

charms are among the first to begin to loosen. Embellishments – may be done

by machine or by hand.

_ Lace and other motifs are acceptable and must be securely attached

_ Trims are acceptable and must be securely attached

_ SRE is acceptable

_ Tatting and crocheted butterflies and dragonflys, etc are acceptable and must

be securely attached

_ Please sign the back of your block

Please refrain from using any reference to the rising sun.  This has political connotations we do not want to be involved with.

If you have any questions, at any time, please just email me or call me; Leslie . All completed projects will be mailed to me no later than June 30, 2011. Please contact me for mailing address information.

We are asking for an entry fee of $10.00 dollars for each block. This fee is voluntary and will be accrued and forwarded to either Hideko or a charity of her choosing. This is to generate funds to help Japan as much as possible.  The fee may also apply to several individuals or to an entire group.
Funds can be sent vis a vis check, money order (payable to ICQA) or Paypal, Please check gift for the donation. I appreciate everyone’s participation and look forward to seeing all the fabulous creations!

March 02, 2011

Flower Fairies III - DYB Round Robin

The Flower Fairies III Round Robin (a Do Your own Block RR, where everyone pieces six 6: blocks, one for each person in the rotation to finish) was one of four Fairies RR’s in 2010.  The participants in this DYB were Arlene, Cathy L,  Rita, Janet, Susan, and Kerry acting as an Angel (substitute) for Wendy.

Cathy L’s Naked Blocks

Rita’s Fairy block for Cathy

Detail of Rita’s flower

Janet’s block for Cathy

Susan’s block for Cathy

Kerry’s block for Cathy

Janet’s Naked Blocks

Susan’s Block for Janet

Cathy L stitched this block for Janet

Kerry did this lovely block for Janet, and developed her special decoupage button technique with the lovely lily of the valley button

Rita’s block for Janet

Arlene’s block for Janet

Detail of Arlene’s roses

Rita’s Naked Blocks

Susan did this block for Rita

Kerry’s work for Rita

Detail of Kerry’s poppy

Arlene’s block for Rita

Janet’s block for Rita

Cathy L stitched this block for Rita


Susan’s Naked Blocks

Susan’s block by Wendy

Arlene’s block for Susan

Rita stitched this block for Susan

Detail of Rita’s flowers

Cathy L’s block for Susan

Arlene’s Naked Blocks

Cathy L stitched this block

Janet’s block for Arlene

Rita’s block for Arlene

Fairy close-up on Rita’s block

There were several block pictures not posted in this RR as they were not made available to us. We apologize!