February 20, 2012

Silk Ribbon Embroidery (SRE) Traditional Round Robbin 2010-2011

The Silk Ribbon Embroidery Traditional Round Robin began in early 2010 and finished in early 2011.  The accomplished stitchers in this SRE Round Robin were: Diane M, Meg, Arlene, Susan and Candji.

Arlene’s Naked Block

Candji’s work on Arlene’s block

More of Candji’s work

Diane M’s work for Arlene

More of Diane’s work

Block after Candji and Diane

After Meg added her work


We do not have a picture of the starting block, but Diane M. was the first stitcher and this is some of her work.

More of Diane’s work

Candji’s block after Diane. The embroidered pansy was already on the pink fabric that Candji pieced into the block.

Candji’s block after Meg’s additions

Arlene’s silk ribbon flower additions

Candji’s block Complete


Diane’s Naked Block

Meg added a tree and other stitching for Diane

Close-up of Susan’s work

Diane’s block after Meg and Susan

Flower spray by Arlene

More of Arlene’s work

Diane’s block after Arlene

Meg’s Naked Block

Susa’s work on Meg’s block

Arlene’s additions

More of Arlene’s additions

Meg’s block after Susan and Arlene

Diane added these pansies

Ribbon roses also by Diane

A scalloped seam treatment by Diane

Meg’s finished block (includes Candji’s lovely work)

Susan’s Naked Block

Arlene added this watering can and flower motif

Susan’s block after Arlene’s work

 Candji stitched this arbor of flowers

Diane added this rose tree

Another scalloped seam treatment by Diane M.

This herringbone seam was also Diane’s work

Block after Diane, Candji and Arlene

Finished block includes Meg’s additions

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