February 27, 2012

Fabulous First Timers (FFT) #12 - 2010

It’s time to show off some of our First-Timer round robins!  These are stitchers who are not necessarily new to crazy quilting, but are new to the CQI group (or were at the time of the round robin that is, LOL) and new to how round robins are run.

The stitchers this time are Dee, KTJ (KaetheJean, but she prefers KTJ), Cris, Molly and Sandy.

Dee’s Naked Block

KTJ’s stitching for Dee

A seam by KTJ

KTJ also beaded this butterfly

Dee’s block after work by KTJ and Molly

After KTJ, Molly and Sandy

Dee’s completed block after Cris’ work


Cris’ original Naked Block

Dee’s work on Cris’ Block

The original block was lost in the mail, and this became the replacement block

Kerry’s work (stitching angel)

KTJ’s work for Cris

Molly’s work for Cris

KTJ’s Naked Block

 KTJ’s block after Molly and Sandy

Detail of Cris’ work

Block after Molly, Sandy & Cris

Dee’s work

 KTJ’s block done

Molly’s block after Sandy’s work

Molly’s block after Sandy & Cris
Detail of Cris’ work

Upper left: detail of Cris’ spider and web

Dee’s work for Molly

Sandy’s Naked Block

Cris’ work for Sandy

Dee’s work for Sandy

 KTJ did this work for Sandy

 More detail of KTJ’s work

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