February 09, 2012

Hearts III Round Robin 2010

The Hearts theme was very popular in 2010, and this is the third of four round robins.
Stitchers in this Hearts III RR were Arlene, Darlene, Vicky, Diane, and Wendy.


Arlene’s almost-naked block; Darlene did the seamwork.
Another seam by Darlene

 Arlene’s block after Darlene

Diane did this seam

 Silk ribbon embroidery by Diane

Arlene’s block after Diane

Work by Vicky

The block after Vicky added her work

Wendy added her work, and this is Arlene’s finished block 

Darlene’s naked block

Diane did these hearts on Darlene’s block 

Then Diane added the birds

Vicky added the button trail

More work by Vicky

Darlene’s block after Vicky

Arlene’s flowers for Darlene

More of Arlene’s work 

Darlene’s completed block

Diane’s naked block

This is Vicky’s work

Diane’s block after Vicky’s work

Wendy’s work for Diane 

The block after Vicky and Wendy 

Others added work too, but we only have pictures of the lovely completed block for Diane.


Wendy’s naked block

Arlene’s work on Wendy’s block

Darlene’s work

Seam treatment by Darlene

Diane’s seam treatment

More of Diane’s work for Wendy

Wendy’s block after Diane

 After everyone’s work, this is Wendy’s completed block

 Vicky’s Naked Block

 Wendy’s work for Vicky

Arlene’s black beaded flower

Arlene’s work

Full block after Arlene’s work

This is the block after Darlene’s contributions

Vicky’s finished block after Diane’s contributions

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