February 13, 2012

Hearts IV Round Robin - 2010

This was the fourth and final of the Hearts Round Robins in 2010-2011.  The accomplished stitchers in this group were Nicki Lee, Carolyn P, Candji, Juli and Cathy L.


Nicki Lee’s Naked Block

Candji’s work and close-up of center patch

Carolyn’s seam for Nicki Lee

More of Carolyn’s work

Carolyn also stitched this heart

Block after Candji and Carolyn

Cathy L’s work for Nicki Lee

More of Cathy L’s work

Nicki Lee’s completed block

Cathy L’s Naked Block

Juli’s work for Cathy L

More of Juli’s work

Juli added this, too. It was a large block!

Heart by Nicki Lee

Seamwork by Nicki Lee

Nicki Lee also added this

The next stitcher was Candji, whose work is below

This is the completed block returned to Cathy

Cathy added it as the centerpiece to a larger quilt in progress.

Juli’s Naked Block

Heart by Nicki Lee
Lovely seamwork by Nicki Lee

Candji continued with these additions

Carolyn’s work 

Carolyn also added the cherubs

Juli’s block after Carolyn

Cathy L added this heart-shaped yo-yo

More of Cathy L’s work

Cathy also added this seam embellishment

Juli’s completed heart block

Candji’s beginning block with Carolyn’s work added

Close-up of Carolyn’s heart

More of Carolyn’s stitching

Cathy L added these Celtic hearts

This is more of Cathy L’s work

Flower cluster by Nicki Lee

More work by Nicki Lee

Another heart by Nicki Lee

Sorry, there were no finished pictures of Candji’s block.


Carolyn’s Naked Block

Cathy L’s work on Carolyn’s block

Heart by Nicki Lee

More work by Nicki Lee

Carolyn’s block after Nicki Lee

Some of Juli’s work

Candji added lovely work, too

More of Juli and Candji’s work

Carolyn’s finished block

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

These are wonderful - you have such talent between you and it's fascinating to see how each block ends up looking so different.