January 27, 2010

Fabulous First-Timers #6

This is the Fabulous First-Timers #6 Round Robin, which began and ended in 2009.   The participants were Dakota, Juli, Marci, Kathy S & Nancy.  The FFT round robins allow the participants to choose any theme they desire, and the results, as you can see, were varied and spectacular!

Dakotah's Block

Dakotah's Naked Block

Marci's seam on Dakotah's block

Fan decorated by Marci

More of Marci's work

Juli added a basketful of flowers

Block after Juli and Marci

Butterfly and beaded trim by Kathy

Nancy stitched these lovely bullion roses

More of Nancy's work.  No final picture of block available.

Juli's Block

Juli's Naked Christmas Block

Juli's Block with Kathy's work

Floral Spray done by Nancy

Dakotah's work

Snowflakes by Marci

More of Marci's lovely stitching.  No final block picture is available.

Kathy's Block

Kathy's Naked Block

Nancy's work on Kathy's Block

Nancy's Paisley for Kathy

Nancy also overstitched this lace

Block after Nancy's work

Dakotah's stitching

Dakotah did another paisley, plus a
bullion Fat Cat

Marci added this stitching

More of Marci's lovely stitching

There were no pictures available of the finished block.

Marci's Block

Marci's Naked Block

Juli's yo-yo for Marci

Kathy's garden seam treatment for Marci

Nancy's work for Marci

Some lovely seamwork by Nancy

And a lovely paisley by Dakotah

Dakotah also added some bullion roses

Marci's completed block

Nancy's Block

Nancy's Naked Block

Dakotah's work on Nancy's block

Block after Dakotah's work

Marci's work

This is the last of the available pictures for Nancy's block.

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