January 05, 2010

Spiders I Round Robin, 2009

The Spiders 1 Round Robin began when someone mentioned their love of the traditional spider and web motif often seen in vintage - and modern - crazy quilting.  Several women chimed in, and this round robin was born.  And though many of us find it hard to appreciate the spider, most weavers and other needleworkers can appreciate her intricate, lacy webs.   The variety and sheer number of ways these ladies came up with to celebrate spiders and webs is amazing.

The participants were Gerry H., Gerry K, Lauri,  Janet, Lindy and Marya.

Gerry H's Block

Gerry H's Naked Block

Janet's work

Lauri H's beaded bird and other work

Gerry K's red winged blackbird

The block after the first three stitchers

Final block after all the stitchers

Gerry K's Block

Gerry K's starting block (she added dyed lace and a silkie print before sending it out)

Marya's work

Block after Gerry H's work

Janet's work

Gerry K's finished block after Lauri's work

Janet's Block

Janet's Naked Block

Lauri's spider for Janet

Lauri's butterfly for Janet

Janet's block after Lauri's work

Janet's block after Lindy

Janet's block after Gerry.  Can you spot the two cats??

Follow the yellow arrows to see Gerry K's stitched cats hiding!

Janet's block after Marya

Spider web by Gerry H.

Vase and flowers by Gerry H.

Janet's finished block

Lauri's Block

Lauri's block after Lindy's work

Lauri's block after Gerry K added Little Miss Muffet and the spider that came along

Lauri's block after Marya

Gerry H's work

Block after Gerry H.

Janet's work for Lauri

Lindy's  Block

Lindy's Naked Block

Work by Gerry K.

Work by Marya for Lindy

Block after Gerry K. and Marya

Gerry H's work

Janet's work

Lauri's work

Lindy's' finished block

Marya's Block

Marya's Naked Block

Web and work by Gerry H.

Work by Janet

Block after Gerry H. and Janet

Work by Lauri

Block after Lauri

Block after Lindy

Gerry K. web detail

Marya's Finished Block

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