January 16, 2010

Fabulous First-Timers #5

This is another of the Fabulous First-Timers Round Robins from 2009.  These ladies are experienced stitchers who were new to CQI at the time of this RR (early to mid year).  Their blocks and stitching styles are all beautiful yet cohesive.   You'll enjoy this!

Diane's Block

Diane's naked beginning block

Close-up of the silkie and trim added by Shari

Diane's block after Shari's work, including seam trim and butterfly

Rose Anne crocheted a heart and stitched this lovely bottle brush bush

Rose Anne also added this stitched seam

Ritva was the next stitcher and added this floral motif with embellishments

More of Ritva's delicate work

This is Diane's block finished.  Although there are no close-ups, Margreet did a lot of seam stitching, as well as the central motif of this lovely block.

Margreet's Block

Margreet's Naked Block

After Diane's work

Some of Rose Anne's work

Detail:  Rose Anne's spider, web and vine.  In the corner is Diane's floral motif

More detail work from Rose Anne

Margreet's Block after Diane and Rose Anne

Work by Ritva

Some of Ritva's stitching

More delicate details from Ritva

Margreet's block completed

Ritva's Block

This is Ritva's block after Margreet's work

Ritva's block after Diane

Shari's work

More of Shari's work

Detail of stitching done by Rose Anne

In the picture, the top seam had already been done by Margreet.  Rose Anne added the button hearts and crocheted butterfly and heart.

Some more of Rose Anne's beautiful stitching

Rose Anne also added a beaded dragonfly.

This is Ritva's finished block.

Rose Anne's Heart Block

Rose Anne's Naked Heart Block

Ritva's work

More detail of Ritva's work

Another seam by Ritva

Work by Margreet

Block after Margreet

Detail by Diane

Entire block after Diane

Shari's floral bouquet

Completed Heart

Shari's Naked Blocks

Shari had two blocks, but they were small (postcard-sized).  This is Block A

This is Shari's Block B

Rose Anne's work on Block A

Rose Anne's work on Block B

Ritva's work on Block A

Ritva's work on Block B

Block A after Ritva and Rose Anne

Block B after Ritva and Rose Anne

Margreet's crocheted butterfly on Block B

Margreet's embellishments on block A

Margreet's embellishments on Block B

Finished Block B

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