February 13, 2010

Fabulous First-Timers #7

Another Fabulous First-Timers round robin, #7,  was completed in 2009.  The participants in this RR were all accomplished stitchers.   Most were just new to the CQI group, and Gerry was the RR "momma" - the veteran stitcher who paced and kept track of things.  These blocks turned out beautifully, and we're sure you'll enjoy the eye candy!  The stitchers were Diane in Ontario, Nicki Lee, Faye, Mary and Gerry K. 


Diane's Naked Block

Work by Faye

Close-up of Faye's work

Diane's block after Faye

Some of Nicki's work.  Do you see the dragonfly?

More of Nicki's Work

Gerry's work, including a painted mother-of-pearl button, left

Work by Mary

More work by Mary

Diane's completed Block


Faye's Naked Block

Silkie and butterfly added by Gerry

Lilies and other work by Gerry

Faye's block after Gerry

Florals and lace added by Nicki

Stitched seam by Nicki

Faye's block after Gerry and Nicki

Diane's work

Flowers by Diane

And still more of Diane's beautiful work

This is Faye's finished Block


Gerry's Naked Block

Work by Nicki

Close-up of Nicki's treatment of the printed silkie

Flower arrangement by Mary

Another flower by Mary

Lovely work by Diane

Gerry's block after Diane

Work by Faye

More work by Faye

Gerry's Block, Finished


Mary's Naked Block

Work  by Diane

More stitching by Diane

Mary's Block after Diane

Work by Faye

Mary's Block after Faye

Gerry's handpainted button & additions for Mary

Gerry's butterfly

Mary's block after Gerry

Nicki's work

Mary's Block Completed


Nicki's Naked Block

Mary's work

Diane's work

More of Diane's work

Nicki's block after Mary & Diane

Faye's waves & other work

Faye's Treasure Chest

Nicki's Block after Faye

Gerry's Handpainted Button

Nicki's Finished Block, which includes Gerry's beaded and stitched fish and turtles


Rose Anne B said...

OMGG this FFT #7 group is just WOW!!! I truly LOVE the colour tones in Diane's block and Faye's stiching is exquisite. There were so many OOOOOHHS and AAAAAAHHS I can't remember them all but Gerry's hand painted buttons are to die for that is for sure!!! Just lovely!!!

NickiLee said...

This FFT#7 was my introduction to CQI and I have to tell you I loved every minute of it! I love my block the girls dressed up for me and enjoyed working on their blocks. BTW - I believe the dragonfly on Diane's block was created by Gerry and not me.

CarolynPhi said...

This is my first trip to our wonderful updated BLOG!!! Such beautiful, beautiful work!!!!

Faye said...

This FFT#7 was also my introduction to CQI RRs. I too found it very rewarding to be able to work on those wonderful blocks. Also thank you ladies for all your beautiful work on my block, I treasure it very much...