July 29, 2013

Roses, Roses, Roses Traditional RR, 2012

The participants in this RR created lovely blocks that were made even more lovely by the creative additions of roses by every stitcher.  The talented ladies who made this Roses round robin a visual delight were: Cathy L, Kathy S, Meg W, Rita C. and Ruby (with Connie K. doing some angel work for her).


We don’t have a picture of Cathy’s naked block, but here are pictures of the work of the first stitcher, Kathy S.

A beaded dragonfly by Kathy S
Cathy’s block after Kathy S’s beautiful contributions
The next stitcher was Meg, and this is the block after her work was added.
Rita added the laces and rose bouquet in a red patch.
Another rose bouquet by Rita
This is the block after Rita`s work.
Unfortunately, we did not get a photo of the completed block after Ruby’s work.


Kathy’s Naked Block
Work by Meg
Rita added these roses
Rita also cross-stitched on Kathy’s block
A lovely rose and leaf by Cathy L
A butterfly and bullion roses by Cathy L

Kathy’s completed block


Meg’s naked block.
A lovely rose by Rita

More of Rita’s work
Meg’s block after Rita
Ruby stitched this basket of roses
Meg’s block after Ruby
A seam treatment by Cathy L

Meg’s block, after Cathy L added a yellow rose, upper left

Kathy’s beaded cabochon for Meg
Roses by Kathy

Meg’s completed block


Rita’s Naked Block

Ruby’s roses for Rita

Rita’s block after Ruby
Outstanding ribbon work by Cathy L

Rita’s block after Cathy L

Kathy S stitched a basket of froses
Kathy S is a master of seam treatments
Another breathtaking seam treatment
Rita’s block after Ruby, Cathy & Kathy


Ruby’s Naked block. She added the three motifs.

This gorgeous work was done by Cathy L
Kathy Shaw worked some of her magic here

More of Kathy S’s embellishments for Ruby
Kathy S’s part of the block
Ruby’s block after Meg’s work
Cathy L added another beautiful ribbon rose. You can almost smell it!

Ruby’s block, completed


Wilma said...

Beautiful work, my compliments to all participants!

Amy in LA said...

Wow-like a master class on roses! Kudos to the participants, and to our Cathy for writing the post!