July 08, 2013

Roses II Traditional Round Robin 2012

The Roses 2 Round Robin was formed after the first Roses RR became so popular. In fact, in the next post, we will feature the Roses, Roses, Roses Round Robin, which was named as a humorous alternative to Roses 3.  :-)

The stitchers in this Roses II (2) round robin were:  Arlene Hooker, Paula Rowe, Cathy LaBath, Elizabeth (Ely) Ahsanullah and Colleen Anderson. 


Arlene’s naked block
Cathy LaBath’s work on Arlene’s block
Colleen’s work

Paula added a spider and web for luck
More of Paula’s work

After Ely’s work, this is Arlene’s completed block


Cathy’s Naked Block
Cathy’s block after Colleen and Elizabeth
Paula added these embellishments. 
Block after Paula’s contributions

Arlene added the silk ribbon roses
Cathy’s completed block


Colleen’s block after Paula added a cross-stitched rose bow
Colleen’s block after Elizabeth and Paula
Arlene’s work on Cathy’s block
Colleen’s finished block after Cathy L completed her work.


Elizabeth’s almost-naked block (stitched flower by Paula)
More of Paula’s work
Arlene added her magic, and the block then looked like this
Cathy added a butterfly and more roses
The finished block for Ely


Paula’s naked block
Lovely work by Arlene
A seam by Arlene
Paula’s block after Arlene’s work
Cathy stitched a tree, vine, butterfly and a large rose
This is the block after Cathy’s work
Colleen added the finishing touches, and completed Paula’s block.

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