August 01, 2013

Asian Nights DYB Round Robin, 2012

This round robin was a DYB, or Do Your Own Block. Each participant pieces six blocks (6” or 15 cm square). As the blocks make their way around the rotation, each stitcher selects one block to completely stitch and embellish.  Unfortunately, some pictures are missing - we can only show what was provided to us.  

The stitchers for this round robin were Meg W., Carol D, Peggy R, Rita C, Sarma R, and Theresa F.


Carol’s naked Block 1.  No completed block pic available.
Carol’s Naked Block 2
Peggy’s work on Carols #2 block.
Carol’s Naked Block 3 
Meg stitched this dragon for Carol
Carol’s Naked Block 4
Rita’s completed Block 4
Naked Block 5
Carol’s Naked Block 6

Meg’s Naked Blocks
Sarma’s work on Meg’s Block
Peggy stitched this block
Rita completed this creative block
Theresa stitched this lovely block
Close-up of Theresa’s work

Rita’s six naked blocks
This block was stitched by Sarma (sorry about the bad picture)
Theresa completed this block for Rita
Meg’s lovely block for Rita

Peggy’s Naked Blocks
Rita stitched this block for Peggy 
Theresa’s block for Peggy
Meg’s block for Peggy

Theresa’s Naked Blocks
Rita’s block for Theresa
Carol’s block for Theresa
Four of the five finished blocks (the sixth one returns unfinished to the owner so she can stitch it)

Rita’s block for Sarma
Carol’s work for Sarma
Another great dragon by Meg
Theresa’s block for Sarma
The 5th block (upper right) was stitched by Peggy for Sarma


Sew so crazy! said...

Such diverse and interesting stitch combinations.
Enjoying all the photos.

margaret said...

lots to see here, interesting to see what each person has done to the blocks