September 09, 2010

Christmas-Winter DYB 2009 - 2010

This Christmas-Winter DYB (Do Your Own Block) Round Robin began in late 2009 and finished up in late Spring 2010.  The talented stitchers who took part were:  Rose Anne, Rita, Margreet, Karrin and Lisa. Usually there are six participants in a DYB, but this time there were only five.  Therefore, as the blocks came around to each stitcher, they not only stitched one complete block, but also 1/4 of another “joint” or “shared” block.  That way, when the blocks returned home to the owner, five of six blocks were complete and she just had one to stitch on herself to complete the set.

There was also a second Christmas-Winter DYB that finished in summer this year, and we hope to get that posted for you in October sometime.  In both these round robins, each participant was able to choose either Christmas OR Winter as their theme.  We’re confident you’ll not only enjoy the lovely stitching, but perhaps find a lot of useful Holiday ideas for yourself.    Here we go ...


Karrin’s Naked Blocks

The original blocks were lost, and below is a photo of the replacement blocks.  

Rita’s Block for Karrin

Close-up of Rita’s lace and stitched tree

Lisa’s work for Karrin

Margreet’s block

Rose Anne’s Block

This is the joint block that Lisa, Margreet, Rita and Rose Anne all stitched on.

The finished blocks (minus Rita’s which was one of the lost ones)


Lisa’s Naked Blocks

Block by Margreet

Block by Rose Anne

Block by Karrin

Block by Rita

This was the joint block worked on by Karrin, Margreet, Rita and Rose Anne

Lisa made the blocks into a bell pull

Top of the bell pull featuring Rose Anne’s block and the joint block

Middle of the bell pull with blocks by Rita and Karrin

Bottom of the bell pull with blocks by Margreet and the one that Lisa herself did

The bell pulled rolled up for easy storage.


This is Block #3, Naked

Block #3, stitched by Rita

Block #4, Naked

Rose Anne’s work on Block 4, partial

Another view of Rose Anne’s completed Block 4 for Margreet

Margreet’s Block #5, naked

Block 5 was stitched by Karrin

Block #6

Block #6 was stitched by Lisa

This is a naked Block #1; it became a joint block that everyone worked a little bit on. 

Block  1 (joint block) completed.  Work by Karrin, Rose Anne, Lisa and Rita

This was the final block.

Margreet herself stitched on it when the blocks returned home to her

These are the six blocks together (before Margreet finished hers).


Rita’s Naked Blocks

Naked block - before

Same block, AFTER work by Lisa

Block stitched by Margreet

Close-up of Margreet’s flower

This was the block that Rose Anne stitched

Karrin stitched this block

This was the joint effort block for Margreet
Stitched by Rose Anne, Rita, Karrin and Lisa


Rose Anne’s naked blocks

This block was stitched by Karrin

Rita stitched this block for Rose Anne

Here is Lisa’s block for Rose Anne

Margreet’s block

This was the joint block stitched by Margreet, Lisa, Rita and Rose Anne

Rose Anne’s completed blocks (except the one left for her to do!).

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