September 19, 2010


Bugs and insects and the like may seem an unusual subject for a crazy quilt round robin, but traditionally butterflies and beetles were “regulars” in vintage crazy quilts.   They were, of course, not as frequently stitched as the good luck spider, but were popular nonetheless.  This round robin was organized to practice and showcase the stitchers’ talent for stumpwork.  Stumpwork is generally defined as embroidery raised from the surface of the work to give it a 3-D effect.  Often it is stitched separately and then attached to the base piece (which, in this case is the block).  Our stitchers, as you will see, came up with many clever variations to depict bees, butterflies, beetles and other charming little bugs and critters.

The accomplished stitchers in this round robin were Diane M. (Canada), Cathy L (USA), Arlene (Australia), Janet (USA) and Meg (Uruguay).  


Cathy’s Naked Block

Diane’s work on Cathy’s Block

Work by Janet

Arlene’s beetle - front view

Arlene’s beetle - back view

Cathy’s block with Meg’s work - Completed


Diane’s Naked Block

Janet’s work

Diane’s block after Meg’s work

Arlene’s Beetle & ribbon trail

Entire block after Arlene’s work

Diane’s completed block after Cathy L’s work


Arlene’s Naked Block

Beetle and flower by Cathy L

Bees and flowers by Cathy L

Butterflies and flower by Cathy L

Parade of beetles by Diane.  Bees and a butterfly, too!

Janet added lovely floral work and a big blue butterfly

After Meg’s additions in upper right and lower left,
here is Diane’s completed block

Meg’s Naked Block

Stumpwork bee by Arlene

Another one of Arlene’s great stumpwork beetles

Meg’s block after Arlene

Lovely floral by Cathy L

More work by Cathy 

Meg’s block after Arlene and Cathy

Diane did this seam.  It’s a variation of (what else?) the FLY stitch

Beaded butterfly by Diane

Another seam and butterfly by Diane

Meg’s completed block


Janet’s Naked Block
Beetle by Meg

Janet’s Block after Meg

Work by Arlene

Janet’s block after Meg and Arlene

Cathy L’s Work

Beaded butterfly by Diane

More butterflies by Diane

“The Showdown”  as playfully titled by Diane.  Great bugs!

Dianes block completed.
The ladies left room for Janet to add her final touches.


Cathy said...

Although the blocks did end up with a lot of stumpwork bees, beetles and butterflies that was not a requirement of the RR - it was just to add BBBs of any type you wished to the block - and there was quite a variety. I really enjoyed this RR. - Cathy L

Pamela Kellogg said...

Oh my goodness, so many wonderful bugs!!! Did I ever mention that I have a fascination for bugs? I know I've talked about spiders. Anyway, these are beautiful!

Seeline said...

It is magic!!!! I love it soooooooo much!!!!