August 02, 2010

AUTUMN II Round Robin - 2009

Autumn is a theme that is rich in both colors and ideas, so the members of Crazy Quilting International divided up into two groups.  This post will show off the work of the ladies in Autumn II.  The first Autumn round robin was blogged about here.

The participants in this round robin were Rita in Kansas, Ritva in Finland, Debbie H in Texas, Karrin in California, and Debbie S in Oregon.  


Ritva’s Naked Block

Karrin added some velvet leaves

More of Karrin’s work

Ritva’s block after Karrin

Rita beaded this lovely cabochon

A spider and web by Rita ... for good luck

Rita also added this silkie print and it’s decorative frame

Ritva’s block after Rita

Debbie H added some festive buttons and stitching

More additions by Debbie H

Ritva’s block after Debbie H

Ritva’s block with her own final additions added


Debbie H’s Naked Block

The first stitcher was Debbie S, who added the leaf.

Some of Ritva’s work

More of Ritva’s work

Debbie H’s block after Ritva

Karrin was next in the rotation and added this stitching

Here’s the block after Karrin

Spiderweb by Rita

Sunflowers by Rita; nobody does them better!

A bead ribbon by Rita

Debbie H’s completed block


Karrin’s Naked Block

Some of Rita’s work

More of Rita’s work

Karrin’s block after Rita

Debbie H’s beautiful needlewoven sunflower

Button collage by Debbie H

Karrin’s block after Debbie H

Ritva added some lovely tatting and stitching

Loganberry bush by Ritva

Hortensia by Ritva

Karrin’s completed block after Deb S added
her motifs along the bottom.


**No picture of naked block**

Ritva was the first stitcher; her work is shown below.

This is Debbie S’s block after Ritva

Lovely floral work by Karrin

More work by Karrin

Once again Karrin shares some of these lovely leaves.

The block after Karrin’s work

Rita added these lovely flowers to the doily area.

And then Rita stitched this wonderful tree!

This is the final picture we have of Debbie S’s block.
It includes everyone’s work except that of Debbie H.


Rita’s Naked Block

Debbie H added this sunflower

This precious scarecrow was also the work of Debbie H

Rita’s block after Debbie H.

Ritva added alot of eye candy on her turn.

Rita’s block after Ritva.  
The work of Debbie S is also shown in the lower left area. 

Lovely fall embellishments added by Karrin

It wouldn’t be complete without Karrin’s leaves!

Rita’s final block.

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