August 06, 2010

2010 Valentine Postcard Swap

In February of 2010, we did a Valentine postcard swap.  It didn’t have a huge participation because at the time we were also just beginning the new 2010 Challenge and the CQ A-Z set of CQ lessons.  We’ll talk more about those in a coming post.

For now, just sit back, relax and enjoy some lovely eye candy, courtesy of the ladies who participated in the 2010 CQI Valentine Postcard Swap.

Made by Kerry L

Made by Sheri

Made by Diane M

Made by Christy

Made by Rose Anne

Made by Sharon G

Made by Ritva

Made by Nicki Lee

Made by Debbie S.

Made by Peggy Sue

Made by Sally B


Anonymous said...

gee!!There are some beautiful cards here.I went into a swap this year, and really enjoyed it.I'd like to participate in yours if it's open next year.

Laurie said...

They're so pretty Kathy, I love the reds and whites anyway and these are beautiful!

Wendy said...

wow, these are beautiful. I'd love to give Crazy Quilting a go, but I'm a bit scared, maybe a postcard is the way forward, start on a small scale. What do you think about doing a little challenge for other newbies like me, some simple instructions we can follow and then get going on?