December 20, 2009

Asian Nights Round Robin - Spring 2009

The Asian Nights Round Robin finished up in the Spring of 2009.  The participants were:  Cobi W., Meg, Lyn G., Sossity, Susan.  Jo was the RR Angel, filling in when the last two women needed to withdraw.  Here are the pictures that were filed of these lovely blocks.

Cobi's Naked Block

Cobi's Block after Lyn's work

Cobi's Block after work by Lyn and Meg

Lyn's Naked Block (with some silk-printed Geisha)

Lyn's block with Meg's work

Lyn's block with Cobi's wisteria

Lyn's Block with Cobi's beaded fan

Lyn's Block finished

Meg's Naked Block

Meg's Block after Lyn's work

Meg's Block after Cobi's work

Meg's Finished Block, including the work of Jo Newsham, who acted as the Angel in this RR

Susan's Naked Block

Susan's Block after Meg

Sue's Block, Lyn's work

Susan's Block after Meg and Lyn

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, I love the Asian nights theme, I hope this happens again.

And Cathy, you totally rock in getting all these photo's up! You are AWESOME!!!!

And ladies you did a awesome job on this RR!