December 21, 2009

All That Glitters - Traditional Round Robin

Another 2009 round robin that finished up in the summer was All That Glitters.  Unlike the previously-posted "DYB", this was a traditional round robin.  The participants in this RR included Ati, Gerry K., Lisa B., Meg and Wendy.  As you will see, they turned out some stunning work.

Ati's Block

Ati's Block after Gerry K 's work ... look at that beautiful beaded bluebird!

Lisa B added delicate silk ribbon embroidered blossoms, an incredible embroidered rose, and other feminine touches

This is how the block looked after Gerry and Lisa's contributions

Meg was next.  Look at her lovely flower in the lower left.

Wendy was the final stitcher on Ati's block, and added this luscious branch and bees motif in the upper right.


And here is the final block sent home to Ati.

Gerry K's Block

This is Gerry's naked block in rich, blowsy colors.

Lisa wasted no time in adding a WOW factor: another one of her exquisite embroidered roses.   And look at the beautifully-dyed laces and intricate seamwork.

Here's a closeup of that rose.

Not to be outdone, Meg added a  colorful paisley, trim and the gold spangles that cemented the tone and theme of "Gypsy Jewels" for this block!

And Wendy added another rich-looking, gorgeous paisley and some seamwork.

This is the block after the first three stitchers.

And here is the final block after the addition of Ati's work.  Notice that she completed floral motifs at the upper right and left and added a gypsy silk print.

Lisa's Block

This is Lisa's Naked block.  Notice that she included some lovely crocheted flowers (left) to be incorporated into the work.

Meg's was the first stitcher on Lisa's block.

Wendy added some lovely seamwork and the flowers Lisa included.

This is the block after Meg and Wendy.

Ati added more of her lovely silk ribbon embroidered flowers and lots of seamwork.

Thanks to Ati's seamwork, Gerry was free to add bunnies and more bunnies.... each drawn and stitched to tuck neatly into every little nook!   The finished block definitely says "Spring".

Meg's Purse

Meg chose to have the ladies embellish an evening clutch for her.  This is the naked piece.

Wendy was the first to add her stitching.

Ati was next.  These were her two additions:


Lisa was next, adding more lovely seamwork.

Gerry added her stunning finishing touches and snapped these pictures of the finished purse.  Here is the front.

And here is the final whole piece.  Isn't it stunning?

Wendy's Block

The final participant was Wendy.  This is her charming naked block.

Ati stitched the central fan motif, adding lots of silk ribbon flowers.

Gerry applied some of her painting skills to this brass fan, then beaded and further enhanced it with beading and stitching. 

Gerry added more fans and stitching as well.  This is the block after Ati and Gerry.

Lisa added more fans.  Click on the picture to enlarge it and appreciate her detail work.

Meg added her magic to the bottom left area to complete this gorgeous block.

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