October 01, 2014

CQI 7th Annual Retreat - PART TWO

Hi friends! Let’s start the day off right with the announcement of the winner from our first retreat blog post.  The prize, you will remember, is a set of crazy quilting templates from Sharon Boggon of Pintangle and a CQI moderator. 

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.... and that is Ann Pierce, who commented, "This sounds like so much fun! I hope to join y'all some day. I'm new to CQ but my bee friends are the best. So inspiring!"

Ann, you will LOVE these templates, and we are confident they will help you on your way to creating more beautiful seams! We will contact you privately to get your address.  

Information on today’s giveaway is at the end of this blog post.

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Retreat, Part Two

We’re back to bring you Part Two in the continuing saga (LOL) of the Crazy Quilting International Retreat in Kansas City.   Warning: this is a very picture-heavy post, so sit down and grab another cuppa.  When we left off, it was Thursday morning. . . .

After the Stash Dash (see Part One), the first class was Making Fabric Books.  Since no one person in the group was an expert, dear Beth Pile offered to lead a discussion and show a book she had done. In addition, others brought fabric books to show and even a book ABOUT fabric books.  

L-R Cathy K, Betty L, Beth, Sandy L, Wilma, Joyce (in black), Carol (barely visible), Liz (standing), Freda, Karen G, Colleen (standing), Gayle, Lori H (seated in foreground) Connie E (in pink), Sharyn (facing away), Lisa B and Tahlia H. 
The book examples were passed around. Here Connie E enjoys Gerry H`s book.
L-R Beth, Wilma, Carol, Freda, Gayle
A lovely fabric book about Angels made by Freda Butler. 
The afternoon class was Using Button Creatively. The original teacher, Barb W, could not attend due to illness, so Tahlia Holt (in red top) volunteered to fill in. She stayed up late the night before (we caught her stitching into the wee hours) to provide examples for the class. She did a great job, and the attendees were so happy!  

L-R, Lori K, Darlene D, Beth, Wilma (barely visible), Diane M (in pink), Tahlia, Joyce R and Betty Lenz


One of the great highlights of any retreat is getting to see others’ work.  That makes Show and Tell both enjoyable and inspiring.  And the room we were in had bulletin board walls, so we were able to hang most of the medium and smaller pieces up for viewing over the next couple days. The actual quilts were hung over chairs and laid on tables for closer viewing and photo opportunities.   Sit back and grab a cuppa. There is a lot of great eye candy ahead in this picture-heavy post!

(PS - As I was busy pinning items up for display during Show & Tell, I missed much of the actual presentation. Therefore, many of the items below are without proper credits. No disrespect is intended. If the owners or other retreat attendees can contact me with the information, I will update the pictures.  Thanks, Cathy)

A wonderful block from the Pets Round Robin by Darlene Doersch
(block credits needed)
Peacock in progress, Tahlia Holt
African RR blocks; Tahlia Holt
This lovely stocking by (credits needed) will stop Santa in his tracks!

Carol Kramer at her stitching table
Carol Kramer, family block
Wilma from the Netherlands attended and showed us her beautiful
jewel-toned crazy quilt with fans and peacocks.
Detail of Wilma’s incredible peacock CQ. The stitched peacocks are vintage
Dutch cigarette silks from the  1930’s.
A corner of a quilt by Sandy Larson
Another glorious corner of Sandy Larson’s quilt.

Gerry H chatting with stitching friends
Gerry’s Victorian Ladies Round Robin Wall Hanging

Lisa Boni could usually be found stitching
(when not teaching or taking photos!)
Some of Lisa Boni’s incredible pincushions for CQ Journal Project 2014
Detail of Lisa Boni’s cream on cream crazy quilt
A lovely bird vignette from Lisa Boni
Still more lovely stitching from Lisa Boni’s cream on cream quilt.
Cathy Kizerian shows one of her blocks 
Cathy Kizerian's work on Paris-themed block for Darlene Doersch
Halloween quilt top by Darlene Doersch 
We easily filled all the walls of the room; and then the tables,
and eventually we had to draper quilts over chairs!
Freda Butler stitched this gorgeous triptych
Detail of Freda’s stitching
Lovely CQ by (credits needed)
Top left: Connie Kalina’s Lace & Pearls RR blocks
Bottom Left: First piece by Joyce Robertson
Left:  3 silk ribbon flowers by Donna Dickison
This lovely purse front was stitched by Elizabeth Rudder.
Another block from the Pet RR. What cute fabric! Block by Gerry Hookstra
A great complementary color scheme on this yummy block by Carol Kramer
Check out the details on this beauty! Block by (credit needed)
Karen Guthrie and her marvelous Fan quilt!!!
Fan detail of Karen’s quilt
Karen’s quilt also contained incredible embroidery 
More eye candy from Karen Guthrie’s quilt
Betty and Freda show off a vintage crazy quilt brought by Betty Lenz
Stitching detail of vintage crazy quilt
Lauri B’s Under the Sea quilt shown by Gerry H and Sharyn N 
Beautiful blue and white quilt by Karen Guthrie
Detail of blue and white quilt.
Elizabeth Rudder shows her contest-winning stuffed bunny
This was Connie Eyeberg’s calendar block (November)
for Pam Kellogg’s CQ Quarterly Magazine 2015 Calendar
Quilt by Connie Eyeburg
Detail of Connie Eyeberg quilt
This quilt was INCREDIBLE!
Another masteripiece by Karen Guthrie
Flower basket
So much eye candy!
Kristie W and Tahlia hang eye candy while in the background,
Elizabeth and Freda chat
This block was stitched by Carol Kramer
Diane Matheson, stitching away
One of Diane Matheson’s family CQ blocks. She does one
 for each of her grandchildren.
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As promised, we have another drawing today for our readers.  Today’s giveaway will be for a  $25 Spending Spree at Cathy`s Crazy by Design, owner Cathy Kizerian. You will get $25 worth of your choice of lace or fabrics, and the postage is on us!     
To enter, just leave a comment below. Make sure that your comment is linked to an email address (or leave it in the body of your message) so we can contact you if you win. Winner will be drawn on Thursday evening (Mountain time) and announced on Friday’s Part Three blog post.


Marilyn said...

Wow, I'll have to keep coming back to looks some more. Way too much to see all at once. Having them all there must have had your eyes spinning :)

Renee said...

How did any of you manage to get any stitching done?! I can imagine myself spending hours and hours examining all of those amazing works of art. Thanks so much for sharing all of the eye candy!

Pippas quilts said...

What an amazing amount of talent it must have been a great few days. Thank you for sharing.

Shawkl said...

Love, love, love all the eye candy! Very inspirational, makes me want to get up and go stitch!

Juli said...

Everybody's work is so fantastic! I bet it was even better seeing up close and in person!


Mary Ann Tate said...

I'm pretty new to CQ so it's really inspiring to see so much lovely work. Thank you for sharing:)

Donna said...

I am mesmerized by the pictures of this retreat. This has to be the most wonderful adventure a CQr could ever attend. congrats to the first winner.
Donna Abrams - donnaabrams99@yahoo.cm

craftirn said...

Beautiful, beautiful work. You all were really immersed in all that glory. I would have loved to see the pieces up close!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what beauty! Thank you for sharing with those of us who couldn't come to Colorado. Maybe someday... Nice to put faces to some well known names, too. Amy Britt in Louisiana

Arlene White said...

Wow, I would love to have come to one of these, maybe one day.... Thanks so much for sharing, some wonderful ideas here to go gah gah over.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I absolutely NEED to win the lottery so I can come to this one year!!! I just can't imagine being steeped in what I love and being able to play all day long.

Unknown said...

OMG that eye-candy was beautiful. It looks as if it was a wonderful retreat, those happy smiling faces say it all. Viv edvigar@bigpond.com

gocrazywithme said...

The photos are fantastic! Almost as much fun as being there. Thanks for taking the time to post all the glorious eye candy.

Bren said...

The beautiful photos made me want to crawl inside the computer. It must be a dream to get to attend such an event. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy Great Pictures and an excellent memory. One important comment a bout Connie E's quilt. the blocks were really small and only 1 strand of embroidery floss was used for the seam stitches. I wish I could remember more to tell you.

HUGS Kristie

Melody said...

Yummy eye candy! Wish I had seen it in person!

Debbie said...

All this wonderful eye candy is just what I needed! I appreciate that you uploaded the large original versions of the photos, to see all the detail! (Feedly reader lets me enlarge them, but blogger only enlarges to screen size.) Thanks so much!

Beth N in AZ said...

I so wish I could have been there! Such lovely work! And it is encouraging to see actual quilts, all put together. So far I only have random orphan blocks.

Diana in AZ said...

OMG! I am sooooo impressed! I have recently "re-found" embroidery and crazy quilting. It has become a passion. I have recenlty joined CQI and cannot wait to learn and get involved. I especially want to join a round robin. I would love to attend a retreat with all of you. It would be very humbling, but I would learn a lot!!
Diana Wilson in Gilbert, Arizona

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you did a wonderful job on picture taking. The retreat was so much fun. I love the pictures and all the eye candy.
Beth P.

Altered Art and Angels said...



Debbie said...

I can only hope that I live long enough to attend one of these retreats! Know it won't be next year but maybe 2016. Wonderful work ladies
Debbie Higgins

Quayceetatter said...

Enjoy seeing all the work on different CQ projects. I also was in the Pets RR with Darlene..I noticed the butterflies, roses and tatted motif. Also Gerry's with the Brazilian Emb flowers, caterpillar and beetle on Bella. Just finished putting my block into a wall hanging.

Margreet said...

What more to say then I love to see all the CQ friends together in this wonderful meeting.And special I love the blocks and show and tell wallhanging.
Allready start to speak my English for next year. Oh LOL maybe I do in Dutch.

Josie said...

Thanks for posting so many beautiful pics! It is almost like being there in person. Whoever took these pics did an outstanding job!!!
Thanks to all for the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How wonderful it would have been to see all this eye candy in person. I would love to go next near but I just got back from Holland so hard to justify another trip there. Will definately shoot for 2016. Theresa Fancher

shirleyanne said...

Such a great way to start the day, looking at fabulous crazy quilting, and even saw a block that I stitched for Tahlia's Africa Round Robin, I'm looking forward to the next instalment of photos. Thanks for taking the time to post these, to share with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work from everyone. I know that the pictures don't do them justice. An extremely talented group of ladies. Thanks for the pictures.
Susan saam109@yahoo.com

Diane said...

Lots of gorgeous pieces in this Show and Tell. Thank-you so much for sharing the pictures with us.

Momma Bear said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun!
I really do need to to get to one of these on day!
thank you for all the work you do, keeping us crazies in line! ;)

kerrykatiecakes2 said...

What an amazing feast of eye candy! It was so nice to see the faces I know and new ones as well in the photos. I miss seeing you all at retreats!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

So much to see! Thank you for posting and identifying pics. The creative energy in those classes must have been electric!!