September 03, 2014


We have been waiting for it for MONTHS, and it is finally available.  Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me Designs, and future Editor of Crazy Quilting Quarterly (effective January 2015) has announced the release of the 2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar.

The calendar, which you can order at Magcloud here, features the work of the following Crazy Quilt Artists:

January - Mary Ann Richardson
February - Nicki Lee Seavey
March - Maria Mulder
April - Kathy Shaw
May - Pat Winter
June - Cathy Kizerian
July - Brenda Sandusky
August - Gerry Krueger
September - Terri Lee Takacs
October - Betty Pillsbury
November - Connie Eyberg
December - Allison Aller
Cover - Pamela Kellogg

To get a look at all the delicious eye candy from cover to cover, January through December, why not visit Pam`s blog, HERE.

And from all of us here at CQI, thanks to Pam for putting this great calendar together, thanks to the artists and advertisers, and thanks to you readers for your support!!  :-)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's s huge honour to be part of this project and having my work together with people whose work I admire so much!

Rose Anne B said...

My calendar arrived safe and sound and in a clear sealed package. Congratulations to those who got the honour of showing their CQing within. I was relieved to know no one snitched it in the mail process seeing it is such a LOVELY calendar. My coworkers were also amazed it got to me!