January 10, 2014

CQI 2014 Retreat - Signups Closed

Well, it seems that your little, yearly retreat has become quite popular. Every space available is spoken for nearly immediately!

We will have 32 CQI members joining us this year at the Heartland Center in Kansas City, MO. Our cut off was supposed to be 30 but how can you possibly turn someone away when PayPal deposits arrive within seconds of each other. LOL.

As we get closer to retreat time, and more details are sorted out and finalized, we will keep you updated through the blog. We do appreciate you all taking the time to pop in and visit with us.

For now, enjoy your New Year. Be safe and be happy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, it seems like this filled up rapidly. There are so many more (including me) who would like to attend. Is it possible to allow more of us to attend? 32 participants is really not that many. Or how about another one - maybe two a year if you are a stickler about the number? There are so many new CQ out there and we just want to learn from the experts out there.