December 21, 2010

Fabulous First-Timers #10

Our Fabulous First-Timers round robins are traditional 12” block round robins that a new member must successfully complete to prove her trustworthiness in handling, stitching and mailing along others’ blocks.  The FFT’ers are usually experienced stitchers; they just first-timers completing their initial CQI round robin.

In FFT#10, the stitchers were Colleen A, Aida C, Jody, Kathi E , and Alice.


Aida’s Naked Block

Colleen’s work

Motif by Colleen

More work by Colleen

Aida’s block after Colleen

Kathi’s work for Aida

More of Kathi’s work

Jody’s work

Jody added this lace and seamwork

Next up was Alice

Alice added this lovely beaded silkie
Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of the completed block.


Colleen’s Naked Winter Block

Kathi E. added this stitched wind motif

A moon, also added by Kathi E

Colleen’s block after Kathi

Jody added some stitching to the moon

Jody also stitched these wintery evergreens

Alice added this great silkie motif and stitching

Colleen’s block after Alice (complete because Aida did not stitch on it)


Alice’s Naked Dusk to Dawn Block

Aida’s work

Alice’s block after Aida’s work

Colleen’s stitching additions

Alice’s block after Colleen

Next, Kathi stitched this spider and web

Alice’s block after Kathi

Seam treatment by Jody

More lovely stitching by Jody

Alice’s completed block


Jody’s Naked Block

Alice’s work for Jody

Jody’s block after Alice

Jody’s block after Colleen’s additions.  

Vintage button added by Kathi

An unusual but lovely treatment by Kathi

Jody’s gorgeous completed block


Kathi E’s Naked Block

Kerry Leslie filled in as stitching angel for Aida.  This is some of her gorgeous  work.

More of Kerry’s work

Kathi’s block after Kerry

Alice’s work for Kathi

Kathi’s block after Alice

Jody’s work for Kathi

More of Jody’s work for Kathi

A flower stitched by Colleen

A bird motif stitched by Colleen

More lovely work by Colleen

Kathi’s block completed - WOW!

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