November 06, 2010

Summer DYB 2010

The Summer DYB Round Robin actually started in the latter part of 2009 and finished up in 2010.  A DYB, you may remember, is a “Do Your Block” round robin, where each participant pieces six 6” blocks.  Then, as the blocks make the rounds, each of the other five stitchers complete one entire block.  When the blocks return home to their owner, five of six blocks are complete, leaving the owner to finish the sixth block.  It’s a great way for stitchers to really get “into” a theme!  

The talented stitchers for this Summer DYB were Karrin, Rebecca, Lyn, Rita, Arlene and Cobi (with Kerry doing some Angel work for her).  


Arlene’s Naked Blocks

Rita’s block for Arlene

Detail of Rita’s dragonfly

Block by Lyn

Block by Kerry

Block by Karrin

Block by Rebecca


Naked Block 1

Naked Block 2

Rebecca stitched Block 2 for Cobi

Naked Block 3

Karrin’s Block 3 for Cobi

Naked Block 4

Arlene’s Artistry on Block 4

Block 5

Rita completed Block 5

Naked Block 6 

Lyn’s work on Block 6


Karrin’s Naked Summer Days and Summer Nights Blocks

Lyn’s Summer Days block for Karrin

Arlene stitched a Summer Night block

Cobi stitched a Summer Days Block

Rita stitched a Summer Nights block for Karrin

Lyn’s Naked Block 1

Block 1 was stitched by Arlene

Naked Block 2

Block 2 stitched by Karrin (who lives in California!)

Block 3

Block 3 by Rebecca 

Block 4 

Block 4 was stitched by Cobi and Kerry

Block 5 

Rita’s work on Block 5 

Block 6 (was left for Lyn to complete) 


Naked Fairy Garden Block 1

 Karrin’s work on Block 1

Block 2 was stitched by Lyn

Naked Block 3

Block 3 was stitched by Cobi

These are the first three completed blocks

Naked Block 4

Arlene stitched this block #4

Block #5

Rita’s work on Block #5

Naked Block #6 (left for Rebecca to complete)


Rita’s Naked Blocks

Block by Karrin 

Lyn’s block for Rita

Rebecca’s block for Rita 

Rita’s block done by Cobi

The first four completed blocks.  Aren’t they cheerful?

Arlene’s block for Rita

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