June 04, 2009

Fantasy R _ Lauri's block

Lauri's block. She stitched the dragon before it was sent out
after Ati

after Cobi

Not sure if this is the completed block or not ...


SherriQ said...

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your inspiring work. I do have a question though... how do you execute the chain stitch dragons on the fantasy blocks? Do you draw an outline and then just fill it in? All the time and care you each put in to the other's quilt blocks is just amazing! Thank you for sharing. I'm currently working on my first quilt and I guess I have been more focused on border stitches and buttons for accents. It would be nice to try my hand at more involved embroidery if you have any tips. Thank you! Sherri Q aka CastleRoogna.

Lauri said...

Hi Sherri
You're a Piers Anthony fan huh? Haven't read those books in years.They were fun weren't they?

Yes your first step is to outline your project. You can do it with a back stich, outline or stem stitch. Then start filling in. Chain stitch is my gavorite but you can do row after row of stme stitch tightly packed together. I have also used a buttonhole stitch done in a sort a shell shape to simulate scales. Try to follow the natural contours of what you are filling in. I hope that helps!