June 15, 2009

Annual Purse Contest

The CQI Annual Purse Contest has now concluded and the winners have been announced so it is time to reveal who made each purse.

First prize in the Crazy Quilting category went to Kim Stenehjem for her entry (above).

Second prize in the Crazy Quilting category was won by Cathy Kizerian for her mauve masterpiece.

Dakotah Davis won third place in the Crazy Quilting category with her entry, "Egyptian Nights".

Following are the other entries in the Crazy Quilting category. All of these entries are outstanding works of art.

Mary Lear

Debbie Quirion

Connie Kalina

Leslie Ehrlich

Simona Tedeschi

Deborah Higgins

For the first time this year, the CQI Annual Purse Contest was separated into two categories. The following two purses are the entries in the "Other Techniques" category.

Lynn Schoeffler took first prize in this category with her felted creation entitled "Terra's Tears".

Karrin Hurd and her extraordinary silk ribbon embroidery won the Second Prize in this category with this wonderful entry.

Every year the entries in the CQI Annual Purse Contest are even more creative than the year before. Already stitchers are planning for their entries in next year's contest.


Sarah E. said...

What amazing creativity -- fabulous expression of ideas! Thanks for a great post!

A Arte do Crazy Patchwork said...

I love so must this purse just fabulous creativity and the originalaty, congratulations, all the bags in my blog is creat by me, the design at the confeccion, the embroidery is all hand made, i am sorrie but my ingles is not got, because i am live in a island S. Smiguel in AZORES and i speak portuguese.