April 08, 2012

Basically Beaded Round Robin 2011

The stitchers in this round robin were challenged to do the majority of their work with beads. The participants were Meg, Arlene, Diane M, Peggy Sue and Kathy Shaw. 

Meg’s Naked Block

Peggy stitched and beaded these lovely motifs

Beaded seam by Arlene

Arlene added a lace motif which she beaded

Meg’s block after Peggy and Arlene

Diane beaded around a jewel

Beaded seam by Diane

Diane also did another beaded seam and flowers

Meg’s block after Diane
(that is the last picture we have of this block


Kathy’s Block as it left on its rounds. Kathy beaded some motifs before mailing it off.

Kathy’s block after Meg’s additions

Peggy’s beading and stitching

Arlene’s lace flower

More of Arlene’s beading work

Kathy’s block after Arlene

Diane beaded some lace

A beaded rose by Diane

Kathy’s finished block

Diane’s Naked Block

Kathy did some amazing beaded seams

Another beaded seam by Kathy

 More seams for Diane by Kathy

Fourth beaded seam by Kathy 

Diane’s block after Kathy

Diane’s block after Meg

Arlene’s colorful work

Arlene added these beads and stitching

 Peggy Sue beaded this corner and paisley

Diane’s completed block

Peggy’s Naked Block

Arlene’s button cluster

 Seam treatment by Arlene

Beaded seam treatment by Arlene

Full block after Arlene

Beaded seam by Diane for Peggy

Another of Diane’s seams

Diane also stitched and beaded this motif

These lovely sequin flowers were also made by Diane

Peggy’s block after Diane

Some of Kathy’s beading for Peggy

Meg’s work for Peggy 

Peggy’s completed block

Arlene’s Naked Block

 Glass flower by Diane

Beaded Herringbone seam by Diane

This lovely seam was also stitched by Diane

Diane also created this lovely bunch of lavender

Beaded feather stitch by Diane

Arlene’s block after Diane

Kathy’s spider and web for Arlene

A beaded seam by Kathy

Another lovely beaded seam by Kathy 

Block with additions by Meg

 Peggy’s work for Arlene

Arlene’s completed block


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I just finished 2 rag quilts, such a long way to go to create something as beautiful as this.

TTM said...

Wow I'm impressed. I just started. Some of my work is here:

I know- the correct name was taken already.