January 28, 2012

LUSCIOUS LACE DYB Round Robin, 2010

In late 2010, two Luscious Lace round robins finished up.  One was a DYB (Do your Block) RR, which is this one.  In the next post we will show the Luscious Lace traditional (one block per stitcher) RR.

The talented stitchers in this DYB were Arlene and Peggy Sue from Australia,  and Nicki Lee , Gayle, Cathy L and Lisa from the USA.

I would like to apologize in advance for the poor quality of some of the pictures.  Some of these were originally uploaded to our databases in a small size so that enlarging them for the blog resulted in loss of quality.  CK


Arlene’s Naked Blocks

Gayle stitched this lovely block for Arlene

This was Pegsue’s work for Arlene

The next block was stitched by Cathy L

Lisa’s contribution was this block for Arlene

Arlene’s finished block (one left for her to do)


Cathy’s first two naked blocks

Block 1 was stitched for Cathy by Nicki Lee

The second block was stitched by Arlene

Cathy’s naked blocks 3 and 4

Block #3 was left for Cathy to finish, but Lisa created this lovely block

Cathy’s naked blocks 5 and 6

This block was completed by Gayle

Pegsue’s block for Cathy


Gayle’s Naked Blocks

Lisa stitched this block

Arlene’s block for Gayle

Peggy’s block for Gayle

This is Cathy L’s block

Nicki Lee’s block for Gayle


Peggy’s Naked Blocks

Peggy’s block by Gayle

Nicki Lee’s block for Pegsue

Cathy L stitched this block for Pegsue

Peggy’s block by Arlene


Lisa’s Naked Blocks

Lisa’s block by Nicki Lee

Lisa’s block by Arlene

Gayle’s block for Lisa

Cathy L’s block for Lisa

Pegsue stitched this block for Lisa


Nicki Lee’s naked Block #1

Cathy L stitched Block #1 for Nicki Lee

Naked Block #2 (left for Nicki Lee to do)

Naked Block #3

Arlene stitched this block

Details of Arlene’s amazing stumpwork beetle

Naked Block #4

Pegsue stitched Block #4

Block #5

Lisa’s block for Nicki Lee

Naked Block #6

Block #6 stitched by Gayle


http://hercaim.blogspot.com/ said...

I would like to make a super crazy

Unknown said...

They are all so Beautiful. I love the pineapple butterfly, would love to have the crochet pattern for that. I have made a few blocks, love doing it.