March 02, 2011

Flower Fairies III - DYB Round Robin

The Flower Fairies III Round Robin (a Do Your own Block RR, where everyone pieces six 6: blocks, one for each person in the rotation to finish) was one of four Fairies RR’s in 2010.  The participants in this DYB were Arlene, Cathy L,  Rita, Janet, Susan, and Kerry acting as an Angel (substitute) for Wendy.

Cathy L’s Naked Blocks

Rita’s Fairy block for Cathy

Detail of Rita’s flower

Janet’s block for Cathy

Susan’s block for Cathy

Kerry’s block for Cathy

Janet’s Naked Blocks

Susan’s Block for Janet

Cathy L stitched this block for Janet

Kerry did this lovely block for Janet, and developed her special decoupage button technique with the lovely lily of the valley button

Rita’s block for Janet

Arlene’s block for Janet

Detail of Arlene’s roses

Rita’s Naked Blocks

Susan did this block for Rita

Kerry’s work for Rita

Detail of Kerry’s poppy

Arlene’s block for Rita

Janet’s block for Rita

Cathy L stitched this block for Rita


Susan’s Naked Blocks

Susan’s block by Wendy

Arlene’s block for Susan

Rita stitched this block for Susan

Detail of Rita’s flowers

Cathy L’s block for Susan

Arlene’s Naked Blocks

Cathy L stitched this block

Janet’s block for Arlene

Rita’s block for Arlene

Fairy close-up on Rita’s block

There were several block pictures not posted in this RR as they were not made available to us. We apologize!


Anonymous said...

These all turned out so lovely I really like the dress that Rita did on Arlene's block!!

Ann Flowers

Unknown said...

Your blocks are lovely! I'm such a flower fairy fan this has inspred me to create some fairy blocks.