January 17, 2011

Flower Fairies II - DYB Round Robin

This was another Flower Fairies themed DYB (Do Your Own Block) round robin, where each participant pieced six 6” blocks.  Then, as they rotate through the stitchers, each woman stitches and embellishes one complete block.  When they return to the owner, five out of the six blocks are complete, leaving her the sixth one to do herself.

The participants in this Flower Fairies II round robin were Carolyn P, Darlene D, Maria S, Rita C and Cathy L. 


Carolyn’s Naked Blocks
The Oak/Acorn Fairy

Darlene’s work on the Acorn Fairy Block

Close-up of the squirrel button

This is Carolyn’s Silver Birch Fairy Block, naked

Maria adorned the Silver Birch Fairy Block

This is Carolyn’s Alder Tree Fairy block “before"

And here is the “after” with Cathy L’s work

Sycamore Tree Fairy Block

Rita stitched the Sycamore Tree Fairy Block

Close-up of some of Rita’s work

This was the Ash Tree Fairy Block

And this is the Plane Tree Fairy Block

Cathy’s Naked Blocks
She used the Flower Fairies found in her garden!

Carolyn stitched the Pansy Fairy

Maria did the Tulip Fairy.

Darlene completed the Cherry Tree Fairy block.

The Dandelion Fairy block was stitched by Rita.

Lauri did the Daffodil block for Cathy.

Five of the six blocks are complete.  Cathy will get to finish the Clover Fairy herself!


Darlene’s Naked Blocks

Rita’s work for Darlene

Close-up of foliage and berries.

Cathy L. did this block

Carolyn stitched this lovely block for Darlene.

Close-up of Carolyn’s bird

Maria did the rose-themed block.


Laurie’s Naked Blocks

Cathy’s work on Laurie’s Lavender Block

Carolyn did the Willow Tree Fairy Block

Close-up of Carolyn’s frog in the rushes

Darlene’s completed block

Darlene’s little snail on a leaf!

Maria stitched this block for Laurie

Detail shot of some of Maria’s work

Rita’s work on the Forsythia Fairy Block

Laurie’s completed (5 of 6) blocks together.

Maria’s Naked Blocks

Darlene’s work for Maria

Detail of Darlene’s work

Cathy L. stitched this block for Maria

Carolyn’s finished Fairy block for Maria

Maria’s completed Fairy Blocks

Rita’s Naked Blocks
Rita selected six tree fairies

Cathy worked on the Willow Tree Fairy

Laurie stitched this block

Carolyn’s work for Rita

Maria’s block for Rita

Rita completed this lovely block.  Note the bunny and dragonfly!

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