July 05, 2010

Autumn I Round Robin - 2009

This is the first of two Autumn-themed round robins that began in May of 2009 and finished up in February of 2010.   The five ladies participating were Cindy, Meg, Cobi (later replaced by “Angel” Hideko), Rita and Lyn G.  Hold on to your seats, here’s some lovely work!


Cindy very cleverly chose to have her “block” be a pumpkin-shaped piece containing 8 wedges for her fellow stitchers to embellish.  This is how her “naked” pumpkin left home.

Meg’s work, Panel #1

Meg’s work, Panel #2

Cobi’s seam and beaded ribbon

Lyn’s work

Work by Rita

More work by Rita

Cindy’s finished pumpkin

Another view

What a wonderful decoration and remembrance!

Final view


Cobi’s Naked Block

Lyn’s work

Close-up of Rita’s Berries

Tree by Rita

Cobi’s block after Lyn and Rita

Cobi’s finished block after Meg and Cindy


Lyn’s Naked Block

Beaded cabochon by Rita

Autumn tree by Rita

Lyn’s Block after Rita

Stitching and Dorset button by Cindy

Lyn’s block after Rita and Cindy

Block after Meg’s additions

Hideko took Cobi’s place & did this lovely “angel” work

Lyn’s completed block


Meg’s Naked Block

Cobi’s needle lace bases for mushroom caps

Meg’s block after Cobi’s mushrooms and other work

Lyn’s work

Block after Lyn’s work

Rita’s stitched leaf and branch

Meg’s completed block


Rita’s naked block

Cindy’s lovely tree

Block after Cindy and Meg

Rita’s block after Cobi

Lyn’s work

After Cindy’s additions, here is the completed block.

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Anonymous said...

The pumpkin is terrific.How beautiful. Love the other blocks too.