May 21, 2010

Spiders II Round Robin, 2009

The first Spiders Round Robin was so popular, that more stitchers wanted to do it.  So a Spiders II RR was formed.  And their work was just as lovely!


Ann's Naked Block

Cobi's vine added.  She hid a hole that Ann's iron made!

Block after Cobi

Simona's Work

Pansies made by Kerry

Dragonfly by Kerry

Kerry's Aloe

Ann's Block complete


Cobi's Naked Block

Work by Simona

Debbie's Additions

Kerry's Flowers

More work by Kerry

Cobi's block after Kerry

Janet's Work

Cobi's block after Janet

Work by Ann

Ann's Tree

Cobi's completed block


Debbie's Naked Block

Kerry's work for Debbie

Block after Kerry

Janet's work for Debbie

Ann's bugs & spiders for Debbie

More of Ann's lovely work

Kerry did some "Angel" work on this block for another stitcher. 
Here is her butterfly.

More Angel work by Kerry

And even more work by Kerry!

Debbie's completed block after work by Kerry, Janet, Ann


Janet's Naked Block

Flowers by Ann

Hollyhock by Cobi

Honeysuckle by Cobi

Janet's block after Cobi

Simona's work

Work by Debbie

Work by Kerry

Janet's finished Block


Kerry's Naked Block

Janet's work

Ann's work

Seamwork by Ann

Kerry's block after Janet & Ann

Cobi's work

Debbie's work

Kerry's Completed Block


Simona's Naked Block

Rose by Debbie

More work by Debbie

Kerry's motif

More work by Kerry

Block after Debbie and Kerry

Janet's work

Ann's work

Block after Ann

Kerry again did some Angel work in this RR

More of Kerry's Angel work

Kerry's butterfly

Still more of Kerry's work

Simona's block completed

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- these are jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS!!!I've put this site on my bloglist to inspire me.I am just beginning Crazy Patchwork, and LOVE it!!