October 10, 2008

Retreat cont.

Finally getting back to trying to post the pics of our wonderful retreat! Here we ALL are in the conservation storage room..... we're having a challenge getting our "Lauri" to cooperate on the photo front! LOL!! From left to right, Connie, Leslie, Mary Frances, Debbie, Gerry K, Gerry H, Cathy, Lauri (the BRIGHT RED FACED ONE) hehehe, and Janet!!
This is a pic of a late 1800's tea cozy from Scotland. It is pieced in silks, embroidered, padded and lined. This was a special treat the Head Curator thought we would enjoy!! Its just fascinating! SOOOO hard not to touch anything! LOL!!

Here Debbie is looking thru a reducing glass! Quite a handy little gadget! When you look at something, like all the breast cancer blocks laid out, it allows you to "see" what needs to be moved for a better composition! GOT to find one of these gems!

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