September 23, 2008

More Retreat Fun!

On our shop hop journey, we passed a shop called Two Haute! Well.....heres a pic of our Two Hot retreat chics! LOL!! Gerry and Debbie were THE funniest ladies and we all had a wonderful time teasing Deb about her accent!

Here is a pic of ALL of us in the conservation room below decks at the art museum....left to right is Connie, Leslie, Mary Frances, Debbie, Gerry K, Gerry H, Cathy, Lauri (QUITE red in the face, she's a bit camera shy) and our Janet! Here Debbie, Gerry, Gerry and Cathy are examining one of the quilts.

The quilt below was made by members of the Plymouth Daughters Congregational Church, Arkansas City, Kansas. The Plymouth daughters made this quilt as a farewell figt for the wife of the postor, Mrs. George T. Nichols. They presented it to her upon the family's departure for Denver, where Reverend Nichols assumed the position of pastor at the Berkeley Community Congregational Church. Each member of the Plymouth Daughters took the name of a virtue treasured by the Founding Fathers of Plymouth Colony (Mrs. Nichols was Patience). The names are embroidered onto the quilt pieces. Other names are those of non-members who contributed to the project. (That must be Mrs. Clap!) LOL! The virtues that were listed are Thankful, fidelity, winsome, harmony, glee, symphony, courage, wisdome, hopeful, content, unity, advance, delight, sincerity, peace, freedom, simplicity, advance, efficiency, desire, victory, grace. Hopefully I got all of the virtues. This was a really neat quilt to explore with all the stitch variations, etc.

This quilt was made in the late 1940's to early 1950's, Loveland Colorado. It was comprised of silk, cotton, synthetic fabrics. The black sashing sparkles with embroidered start and sets off the blocks of dress fabrics from the 1940's. A dog, cat and a key are amoung the many motifs embroidered on the more plain swatches. The individual that created this quilt simply had a wonderful time with it. It was apparent thru the variety of stitch variations, colors, etc. The back was fascinating in that there is a chain stitch that follows both sides of the sashing thru out the quilt.

I will stop here for now. Stay tuned for more pics!

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